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  1. Reading The Dallas Morning News yesterday, I was stunned by the ballot of columnist Evan Grant’s ballot — which included Dave Concepcion but not Jim Rice. Grumbling about the possible revocation of writers’ ballots, I was surprised to see Concepcion also listed by three of the Globe’s four eligible writers (Dan Shaughnessy the lone holdout). Now, it’s not like Concepcion is about to get into the Hall. He didn’t even make the Top 10. But I am stumped as to how a player with a .322 career on-base percentage and a whopping seven seasons above 100 OPS+ (career high: 117) is somehow worthy of induction. I know he was above average defensively and a decent hitter in an era when shortstops weren’t expected to be good hitters, but come on. File this under "Examples of the Overhyped Big Red Machine" with Tony Perez.
  2. Baseball Analysts, in the introductory post by former House That Dewey Built contributor Patrick Sullivan, questions whether Rice is the wrong iconic Sox outfielder to be closing in on Hall induction. He makes a good case. I’d be more than happy to include both men. If the Sox had won in ’75 or ’78, players like Tiant, Rice and Evans likely would have seen/be seeing a substantial increase in their Hall support. World Series championships work wonders that way.
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  • Very clever title, Paul.
    It’s impossible for me to understand why anyone with say-so would think that Rice’s performance would not be worthy of inclusion in the Hall. While watching him I thought he was one of the worst (meaning awesome). My (YF slanted negative) opinion and recollection (gawd he torqued me when I was a kid) of him is superfluous when one looks at his body of work over the time frame when he produced. Stack him against his peers from his time slot. He deserves.

    attackgerbil January 12, 2007, 1:22 am
  • I read the article discussing Evans and Rice after my first comment. The article doesn’t change my opinion of Rice, but it certainly changed my opinion about Evans.

    attackgerbil January 12, 2007, 1:38 am

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