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M&M: Yanks-Twins Gamer

The formidable tandem of Morneau and Mauer, both heading to the All-Star game, lead the Twins against C.C. and the Bombers. Comment away.

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Everytime I write Matsui off, he gets a little bit hotter.
A two-out single gives the Yanks 1-0 lead.

Scott Baker has some good numbers this year so far, but Swisher is doing an okay job of making him work.

Swisher barely avoided taking one for the team and then strikes out on the next pitch. 1 run on 3 hits.

CC with a “long”ish 1-2-3 as they worked him a little bit, but it’s still 1-2-3!

Gardner with a seeing eye single off the pitcher – one hopped off him so it shouldn’t hurt too badly. It was up the middle and Gardner probably would’ve beat it anyhow, given his speed, and that the ball would’ve been in the air for a bit..
Baker looks to be physically okay, except that there are men on first and third, nobody out, and Cervelli up in what is possibly his last game in the majors in awhile..

FCer (no?) sac flies to deep left field, missed a HR probably by a few feet. Cano scores easily, and Gardner tags up to take second.

Do people normally tag up to second? I know it’s obviously not done much, but Jeter’s been doing it, and Gardner obviously just did it. I wonder how frequently that happens..
Gardner had that beat by quite a bit too, so that was a great move, getting to 2nd with 1 out for Jeets.

Baker not getting a very borderline 1-2 call against Jeter. Let’s see if it’ll come back..

JD dumped one in there, and here comes Teixiera, who was totally not clutch yesterday. He could redeem it a bit, with a two out opportunity here.

Swung and missed on a high and outside fastball. Still, it’s a 3-0 Yanks lead, and it’s CC’s lead to lose.

On a deep drive in a humongous ballpark like Minnesota, and a fast enough runner, tagging up to second is fairly common.

Cuddyer decked one into the first few rows in the left field, and now it’s a 3-1 game.

“We need to work out a system or something”
My vote: Lar calls the action and Kreug is the color-man, complete with profanity-laced tirades and berating of his team.
As for the game, CC looks good and the Yankees are super-aggressive at the plate (I think their first 7 or 8 batters swung at the first pitch they saw) and on the basepads. The base-running is really one of those places where you can pick up if the Yankees are in their “hang around for 6 innings and then play” mode or in their “we’re only a good team if we actualy play like one from start to finish” mode.
Ditto on the regret to lose Cervelli – rather see Molina traded.
And great news IBM. Quintuple by-pass hard to contemplate – glad he’s OK…

2 on, 0 outs, pitcher struggling, heart of our order coming up. We stranded a village yesterday and a 2-run lead is not enough, even with CC. We need runs here…

Tex with unproductive infield pop-out. A-Rod the only hitless Yankee tonight (and it’s only the 4th!) Gets ROBBED of a straight-away CF HOUR by Gomez with a perfectly timed leap. Ouch. Run scores and AiRod gets props for crushing the ball (and for the RBI)…

Teixiera not clutch again. ARod was almost clutch, but was robbed of a grand slam by Gomez. Wow. Still, a sac fly for ARod and the score is 4-1.

Uhhh – “HOUR” was meant to be “HR”.
Matsui works a walk – bases jammed again, now for Swisher who gets ahead 2-0. If they only get that one run out of loading the bases with no outs it will hurt…

Swisher will gladly take an RBI walk. Cano will try to prove that he’s clutch or something.. 5-1, but it never hurts to add another or two..

Walks in a run :o)
Gardenhire (hard not to like that guy) looks like he’s going to strangle someone.
Cano of the RISP-FAILURE (hitless in 21 straight RISP situations) comes in and promptly goes to 0-2.

I find it hard to take Cano’s putrid RISP performance this year and his career .233 BA with bases loaded as anything other than a mental block/anxiety issue. As his defense has sharpened up and he has vastly improved his patience and eye at the plate, this clutch-hitting issue is the major remaining hang-up for him. That and a sometimes lackadaisical approach to baserunning. 5-1 in the 4th SHOULD be enough for an ace and rested bullpen but we’ll see…

Apparently Cervelli’s gun-fastball to A-Rod following strikeouts has become a joke in the clubhouse…really saw it there on the last K. Looks like he’s trying to throw out an attempted steal.

CC rolling with what’s got to be a LOW pitch-count (and only 1 hit). Smells like a complete game…

Cervelli line-out. Damn. 2 v quick outs. Give CC 5 minutes to breath guys.

Delmon Young faster than I thought – infield single for the Twins’ second hit of the night.

3rd strike on Damon an absolute joke – shoulder high and outside.
Tex with 3 excuse-me and/or broken-bat hits tonight. Must be leading a charmed life.

A-Rod sitting on 3-1 with Tex on…and…works the walk. Hot Matsui on. Man the Yanks have been on the bases all night.

Matsui crushes one and Gomez catches this one against the CF wall (without the leap this time). Yanks have hit three of the longest possible outs in this stadium tonight. Swish with yet another RISP-situation…and a s pitch walk. The Yankees should be leading this game 10-1 at least. 6 walks drawn in 6 innings and hard hit balls everywhere. Cano with bases loaded A…G…A…I…N!!!
Come on kid, blow it open…
YES!!! Broken bat 2-RBI single.

Gardner with a triple – Gomez wasn’t going to catch that one, haha, even though he tried. 2 more runs and it’s a 9-1 game.

Gardner all but ends it with. 2-RBI triple. 9-1 Yanks. Off to get some work done while half-following he rest of this. V nice way to start the roadtrip.

Ball was near where he hit the sac fly earlier, except this one got there quite a bit faster.
Jeter up and probably last at bats for a few people before they take a break on this road trip.

A guy that works in our Minny office is at this game tonight…he was telling me that the Twins OWN the Yankees in Minny. He has got to be so pissed right now…

Jeter down looking on a strikeout. Possibly borderline, but even Jeter won’t get that one in a 10-1 game..

Haha, announcers said the Twins are “beating” the Yanks in HRs today 1-0. ;P
Not that ARod and Matsui didn’t try!

Well, CC vs Baker the Yanks *had* to win this one to start the road trip. Up 9 is just an added bonus! =)
That said, Boston is up 5-2 with two outs, so the Yanks can keep pace assuming they don’t completely blow it.

CC at 72 pitches through 6 and change. Span with an infield single as CC was not able to cover the bag..

CC will probably give us a good 7. I say we let Bruney try to work out his mechanics here..

Okay, it’s a late game start, so I’m going to do all the normal pre-bed rituals in a 10-1 game. Good night everybody, and I hope I don’t have to chime in!

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