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Monday Night Letdown? Sox-Twins Gamer

Boston hopped a plane last night after the exciting comeback win over the Yankees at Fenway and now find themselves in the Twin Cities facing Minnesota, and down 3-1 in the third, with Wakefield on the mound and Salty having all kinds of trouble with the knuckle. ¬† The Sox drew first blood in the second off of Scott Baker. ¬†This game is on ESPN, as was last night’s game.

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Letdown? No, Tim Wakefield is pitching so it’s just straight up dogshit. I am a broken record but I am completely sick of seeing this shitbag keep getting starts. I hate that he is still on the Sox. Completely sick of it.

Wakefield often performs counter to how I describe him as a pitcher, and his 4.80ish ERA is effectively better since the Sox score so many runs, rendering him somewhat useful as a #5. But I detest watching him pitch, I just can’t stand it. So that inspired reaction gets the better of reason. I can’t say I am proud of how much I dislike the fact that Wake gets trotted out every fifth day at this point, but I can’t hide this fact. It’s infuriating to me and I wish it would end.
Though if that means Andrew Miller gets the ball every fifth day then I think I’d stick with Wake. It’s a dilemma.

Last night Wakefield went 7 giving up just 3 earned runs, I’d consider that a quality start for a 3, 4 or 5 starter. Although I haven’t gone back and looked at all his starts this year, it seems to me that he performs close to this more often then not.
I understand how you would be frustrated watching him but I still enjoy watching him simply because it’s fun to watch a knuckleballer and will miss the day that it is no longer part of the game.

Wakefield has pitched three straight quality starts. He’s not amazing, but I still think he has value as a #5. In games he starts, he has 9 quality starts and 7 non-quality starts.

I have come to the understanding that a “quality start” doesn’t mean a “high quality” start. It means even less with Wake since runs scored on passed balls aren’t counted as earned runs.
Anyway, my reaction to Wake is admittedly a little too emotional rather than statistical, but last night notwithstanding I still don’t find him that interesting, or good. But I have no choice but to keep watching!

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