Commissioner Selig drew 14.5 meeleeon dollars (imagine him saying that with his pinky pointed at the corner of his mouth) for fiscal year 2005, which broke down to 6M in salary, 6M in bonuses, and 2.5M in expenses and "personal fees", the latter being fees of a personal nature and not for discussion in mixed company I suppose.  Fiscal year 2005 ended October 31st 2005 from my understanding, so for you to feel fear and horror would be totally appropriate and for attackgerbil to make any snide comments about how much of that was at the expense of people who can no longer purchase MLB Extra Innings would be baseless and totally inappropriate.  Besides, how can you complain when you can pay for Major League Buffering dot TV?

MLB Headquarters is required to tell us how much Bud pocketed because it is a tax-exempt organization.  In service to you, the reader, I brushed up on my tax-code and learned that tax-exempt organizations are exempt from paying taxes as an organization.  However, I was surprised to learn that Bud does have to pay taxes.  How did he let that one slip by?  He’s been an ace at keeping that anti-trust exemption thing working like a Swiss timepiece; I don’t know a single fan who trusts him one bit.

Baseball attendance and revenues are up.  Substance-using cheaters are on the run in their curiously large, sculpted bodies and are only a few steps ahead of The Law instead of a few more steps.  Barry Bonds had to take a pay cut to play for the Giants this year.  We have not had any ties in the All-Star game in over a year.  Obviously, Selig has done a great deal of good for the game.  I haven’t been able to find a Vegas line for the over/under on Bud’s rake in 2006, but I’ll set it at 26M.  And don’t you fret; he’s looking out for you as well.  The next year of MLB.TV will come with free undercoating.

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  • I want to know: does Bud Selig get better reception of at his main office? Or does the bandwith suckage extend to the Commish’ territory too?

    SF April 3, 2007, 8:02 pm
  • i may break my no name-calling pledge, just for bpud…

    dc April 3, 2007, 8:16 pm

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