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Never a bad thing.  Anyone else getting excited by a young Japanese pitcher who doesn't walk many guys?

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Anyone else getting excited by a young Japanese pitcher who doesn’t walk many guys?
Absolutely not.

Pitcher A: 67 IP, 7.1 H/9, 8.5 K/9, 2.6 BB/9
Pitcher B: 68 IP, 9.0 H/9, 9.4 K/9, 2.0 BB/9
Pitcher A threw in AA his first year. Pitcher B threw in AAA his first year.
SF, I think we need to have a little discussion about what “depth” means versus “fodder”.

Tazawa is organizational depth, Rob. He was a desired prospect by two organizations, at a minimum, and the Braves valued him very highly. He’s a pitcher who is making the Sox’ system deeper, and he’s excelling in a league that is a step up from where he pitched in Japan, by a fair margin.
If you want to argue otherwise, go for it.

So any pitcher who doesn’t dominate AAA in his first year in pro ball is considered fodder?
Rob, I think we need to have a conversation about what “discussion” means versus “trolling.”

Player A is Tazawa. Player B is Igawa’s first season.
I’ll let that sink in before we talk about “depth”. And yes, that’s very different than “organizational” depth. Adam Dunn is depth. Andy Philips is organization depth. The former is a guy who could contribute on the 40-man. The latter is a guy lucky to get a cup of coffee.
So any pitcher who doesn’t dominate AAA in his first year in pro ball is considered fodder?
I don’t know where you got that from.

How old was Kei Igawa when he did what he did in AAA?
This argument is trollish, basically, done for effect. Ignore.

Wait, and this post wasn’t done for “effect” based on the on-going disagreement?
Come on, man. Tazawa isn’t 19 or even 21 years old.

It’s perfect!
Pick a hyped prospect (except Igawa wasn’t considered a legitimate prospect by anyone outside New York) who washed out — Carl Pavano, Brian Rose, etc. will do — and apply the following formula:
Any prospect with worse numbers: Disparage!
Any prospect with the same numbers: Disparage!
Any prospect with better numbers: Either find a reason or find a better failed prospect — and disparage!

Do you know what ad hominem means? Cause now that’s all you’re adding here.
If you disagree, please give me facts on which you disagree. Otherwise we’ll end up in a boondoggle just calling each other names. Let’s stick to facts, please.
I’ve also been very kind – moreso than you guys – in my words for Buchholz. That’s partly why I’m so puzzled here. There’s depth and then there’s “depth”. Buchholz and Tazawa are in two entirely different categories. I really hope you see that.

That’s fine. But “More Depth” wasn’t directed only at the SFs given our discussions. Now a title is one thing but you followed up with “Never a bad thing”. Of course you knew you were pushing buttons when you wrote it! Don’t pretend otherwise now!

It wasn’t directed at anyone, Rob.
Seriously, if that is all it takes to set you off on the warpath then it’s hard to post anything, frankly. This was a post about a Sox prospect, for Sox fans.
That being said, the idea that Tazawa doesn’t add depth to the Sox’ organization is still a joke.

I’m going the SNL route this time:
Really? I’m on the “warpath”. When you guys are calling me stupid and a troll? Really? Really?
Really? For “Sox fans”? The title of this site is what? Really? Really?
Really? An AA pitcher adds depth to the organization. Like Igawa? Really? Really?

I didn’t say anything about that post. The argument was therein. And still I don’t think it was “inflammatory”. The logic just doesn’t follow (“Penny is great depth! Get rid of him!”) to me.

Do you know what ad hominem means? Cause now that’s all you’re adding here.
Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with me, Rob, and everything to do with you. It is not ad hominem to point out that you are engaging in an argument for the sake of having an argument. That is trolling, something every single mod — Soxfan and Yankfan — at this site has warned you against repeatedly. The fact that you had a few good months doesn’t change the fact that we can all recognize that behavior from you and have very little tolerance for it. Likewise, attempting to claim the high road after you’ve dragged three discussions into the mud in a single day is as transparent as your act.
Really, Rob. Despite the months of value you’ve added to the discussion at this site, you’ve proven again that you cannot, for whatever reason, stop yourself from turning into the troll you’ve always been — A YF, aka, Rob, aka, any of the other names you’ve used here over the past years. It’s sad because you’re clearly very smart and clearly have useful things to say. It’s too bad that you seem incapable of refraining from destroying your credibility just when you’ve started to build it back up.

I don’t see where any of this is coming from and with the intensity you’re laying it on me. What have I ever said or done to you?
If you feel the need, please feel free to discuss this privately with me. Both SF and YF have my email address. There’s no need to clutter this forum with a personal attack. That may be a “high road” to you, but I know that nothing useful will come from continuing this discussion here.

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