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More Early Baseball Action: Jays-Sox Gamer II

Shaun Marcum is on the mound for the Jays, while the Sox send Wake.  Comment away.

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I only saw the final two innings so I don’t know if that guy was in any way consistent, but that was a mile-wide strike zone on Drew and Ortiz. And Beltre checked his swing and was called out. Pete Abraham rightly says that the ump should have tossed Ortiz and that he did not is more or less an admission that he knows he messed up. Doesn’t help us any.

and yet another pedroia gem reported by pete abe:
“[The umpires] must have had a flight. I’m actually going to check on that,” he said. “If they had a flight, we’re going to make sure it was delayed. Because I can do that. I have that kind of pull.”
i love his sense of humor…

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