I Need More Glove Every Day Of My Life

Football, football, football. And soccer. And hockey. And women’s basketball. Twiddling through the various incarnations of ESPN as well as all the other networks this morning, there was scant baseball to be found, despite the fact they are in PLAYOFFS. MLB classics was replaying the ’95 LDS Sox-Tribe game one — a series in which the Sox got swept out which is a cruel shiv to twist twixt the ribs at this particular moment — and was the only baseball on tv. ESPN News was talking on and on about college games that haven’t happened yet, making it ESPN Preambles, not News. Every other ESPN outlet was also talking college football with some chatter about Sunday’s NFL games, except the Ocho, which was playing the dodgeball tournament according to the guide. But I don’t get that channel. And I also don’t get that every feed of the de facto sports outlet of the United States devotes every resource to football. I like football. I love baseball. I am a dinosaur.

I need more glove.

Here’s your open Saturday thread to talk about snow in Colorado, NLDS Dodgers/Cards in St. Louis, and yes: college football.

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The Rockies game has been postponed until 8pm Sunday. I am very excited because I have never attended a post season baseball game and I am going to be going to that game.

I believe ESPN in Brazil is broadcasting every TBS game, and there are some sites that you can watch it. Not justintv. I’m not really sure because I have the remnant of my for the year so I get al the games anyway. By the way,Cards had no chance against Padilla tonight,an offense like that? And I’d bet that any team from the AL this year that goes to the WS is the winner,especially the Yankees or the Halos,from what I’ve seen so far.

I’m shocked that the Cardinals were swept. I really had confidence in the Carpenter/Wainwright combination.

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