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Move it Along Buster

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This won't exactly put a dent in Jonathan's wallet but as a Yankee fan who only follows the big headlines about the Sox it intrigued me because I was not even aware that this is an on-going issue for the Boston closer.  I can't recall ever thinking that Papelbon takes a particularly long time to deliver.  Maybe that's because I only watch the Sox when they are playing the Yanks and those games always take 5 hours anyway so what's a couple extra seconds here and there?  And if fines have been regularly handed out for this kind of thing, I expect Bernie Williams to have racked up millions for loitering at the plate and Robbie Cano to be well on his way given the world tour he takes after strike calls he doesn't like.  And don't get me started on the mid-inning arias at YS.  But back to Paps - if this gets him to cut the pucker out of his pre-pitch routine, I will be a happy man.  And this raises the question:

What preparatory routine do you wish MLB would start fining?

For me looking at the Sox it is Paps' pucker and Youkilis' constipated belly-dance at the plate.  As for the Yanks: Swisher looking up at the heaven's moments before every pitch and A-Rod's sleepy-eyed/semi-puckered lips when he's "cooly" collecting himself after a swinging strike.

Yes, I am very anti-pucker.

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oh, and they should fine Matt Garza for ever luggy he spits up, and for every pitching change that Maddon has.

oh, and the pitcher has a set time to deliver a pitch, but it’s after the batter is settled in the box. So the batter can do back flips, glove fixes, helment adjustment, cup check, dig in, step out, step in, where’s the penalty in that?
I think the thing that aggravates me the most is the batter getting granted time out when the pitcher is in his delivery.

I really like Derek Jeter… but I hate how he puts his hand in the ump’s face and does that butt-jiggle while trying to dig his cleats into the batter’s box.
I also hate how batters are allowed to call time out about 5-6 times per at-bat.

First pitch in a half-inning has to come within 2 minuites and 2 seconds of the last out of the previous half inning. And a pitch must be delivered within 12 seconds of the batter geting in the box.

Are you serious doug or are you screwing with me? If the former, I now feel downright evil…and retract my anti-Swisher comment. If the latter, I deflect the curse that would otherwise have hit me onto you.

Derek Jeter for helpfully telling the umpire when he’s ready to bat by removing his hand from in front of the umpire’s face.

Leave Swisher alone IH! One, because he’s the man and two like others have said it’s for his grandparents. At least his pre-at bat ritual is not an empty practice like adjusting his batting helmet after every pitch or spitting in his hands. Great post though otherwise LOL.

I can’t stand Youk’s whole dance at bat, although it’s pretty fascinating to watch. I guess I am more responding to the aesthetics of it, but Craig Counsel’s betting stance used to be just so unpleasant to watch. Also, Tony Phillips’ spitting between pitches was just too much for me to deal with.
I’m one whiskey into a KL night. This is not going to end pretty. (already opining about the likes of Phillips!)
IH, were you sent to provoke me into such odd musings!

I don’t mind batter’s box rituals from the players, but they should only be allowed to do them ONCE instead of stepping out after every pitch. Personally I think the best way to speed up the games (something that desperately needs to be done) is to keep the batters from stepping out during an at-bat.

I seriously didn’t know about Swisher’s ritual. I believe I am the only one who didn’t, but I really didn’t. Wouldn’t have poked fun at that particular ritual otherwise.
And I agree with Mark – do your ritual once and stay in the box (or be allowed to step out just once during a given AB).

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