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Moving Forward: Halos-Sox Gamer

So the G-Men don’t like it when they think he be lying. No one could be surprised, I suppose.
What else isn’t surprising? Mike Cameron’s done for the year, and my favorite Red Sock, Jacoby Ellsbury, is likely done for the season as well. Star-crossed, these 2010 Sox. At least Pedroia is back. For now.
It’s Ervin Santana and Josh Beckett on the bump at Fenway. Ready, Steady, GO!

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It is really miraculous that the Sox are playing, for the moment, “meaningful” games. I can’t decide if I should be insanely impressed or crushingly frustrated – the Sox have lost a number of games late and shockingly, so they could be EVEN CLOSER. But maybe they lost those games because they are so damaged? I can’t figure this year out, except that I hope there isn’t another year like this for a long f*cking time. It’s staggering how many starters have been out for long stretches.
That’s five of nine starters
That’s three of five in the rotation
And with that, if Theo had built a better bullpen they might be sniffing the best record in baseball.
It’s miraculous. And it will still end shitty.

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