Moving through your points in

Moving through your points in reverse order, I have to say that I agree that not including the Yankees in the wild card accounting is wrong. And I wouldn’t bother with the arbitrary cut off that you suggest. Instead, it makes more sense to always show all of the contenders, with the division leaders simply offset. The Times actually does this every once in awhile. As for Torre and his malaise, I wonder whether all those blown leads that are taking their toll. Such things are completely deflating. They’re what’s new in the equation here; Torre’s been dealing with Boomer and The Boss for years. In any event, it’s become something of an anhedonic summer both in Boston and New York. Shouldn’t everyone be having more fun in what’s turning out to be quite a good playoff race?! Unless there is some massive implosion–and it would have to be unimaginably bad; beyond an early playoff exit–Torre’s job is safe. He will not be fired. He could conceivably be forced out through the firing of his lieutenants, but they’re all heading toward retirement anyway. Torre stays as long as he wants.

Posted by YF on 9/4/2003 04:56:35 PM

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