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My point about Torre basically

My point about Torre basically summarizes my take on this entire situation. Sure, Pedro threw at Garcia. No, Clemens didn’t throw at Ramirez, and it’s really Ramirez’s fault things got insane. In the context of this stupid game of baseball, so fucking what? The Yankees keep their traps shut, go out and win the game, then I have nothing to say, except admit that Pedro threw at Garcia, that the Yankees handled it with supreme cool. But you add in the sanctimony, the blinders, the hypocrisy of the Yankees players and management, and you have a better understanding of why the Bombers are so hateable, such an arrogant franchise. They have the opportunity to show some class, to take the high road, and yet they can’t sit back, they can’t be the classy winner. Instead, you are left with a supposedly genteel manager who conveniently forgets that one of his players once threw a frigging bat at an opposing hitter during a ground out after previously beaning him in the head intentionally, a semi-retarded bench coach cum mascot taking a swing at an opposing pitcher, and two idiot players beating the shit out of a mouthy groundskeeper. It’s not bile, YF, it’s simple observation: your team has no class.

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