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Nearing Half-Time: Ms-Yanks Gamer II

It’s July 1st (I know, I had to double check-too) and the Yankees are looking to keep pace with the Boston Heart-Attacksox.

Lineups follow, comment away.

I. Suzuki rf .373
R. Branyan 1b .303
J. Lopez 2b .259
K. Griffey Jr. dh .213
F. Gutierrez cf .274
W. Balentien lf .230
C. Woodward 3b .400
R. Johnson c .183
R. Cedeno ss .140
J. Washburn 3.22
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .307
J. Damon lf .291
M. Teixeira 1b .275
A. Rodriguez dh .233
J. Posada c .275
R. Cano 2b .300
N. Swisher rf .237
M. Cabrera cf .286
C. Ransom 3b .200
A. Pettitte 4.38

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Picks off the runner at 1st to end the inning…too bad he hung a pitch that led to a leadoff double that led to the tying run. Ass.

7 at one blow!
Makes me think of the fairy tale about the”gallant tailor” who once swatted 7 flies at once, and had “Seven at one blow!” engraved on his belt.
He went out and conquered the world with confidence………..
Doesn’t really fit the NYY situation, but it came to me as a random thought.

I guess I was thinking of NL teams (plus the Ms) as flies……
That works.
Hope the Ms are still swattable when they get to Fenway…….we get King Felix this time.

On a ‘Minor’ note, Jesus Montero is now batting .319/.395/.542 in AA, with 4 HR, and a 9/6 BB/K ratio.
Now, consider that Trenton is an extreme pitcher’s park (as well as the Eastern League being an extreme pitcher’s league), and also that he’s a catcher (yes, he is actually a catcher), and furthermore, he doesn’t turn 20 until LATE NOVEMBER, well. These are Justin Upton numbers, folks, at a much more valuable position.
And who says the Yankees only develop pitching prospects?

Ya, and if he doesn’t turn out, any chance of signing Mauer? I’m fuzzy on the contract years (of Posada and Mauer..)

I can’t imagine the Twinkies will let Mauer go.
Montero’s bat is absolutely awesome. He needs time to work on his D. Full year at AA, hopefully followed by a full year at AAA next season, hopefully followed by replacing Posada in 2012.

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