Nick’s 2006 AL All-Stars

First the fans selected the 2006 AL All-Star starters. Then Ozzie Guillen chose the reserves and pitchers. In other words, Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina did not make the team. But of course. Deserving players were snubbed. It happens every year and, frankly, who really cares?

Well, I do.

But I really don’t.

However, I have an opinion and I’m going to share it. After the jump you get to see who I think deserves to be called an American League All-Star. The results may shock you. 

Starting Line-Up

C-Joe Mauer- He’s batting .390. Is he the AL MVP?

1b- Jason Giambi- I’d put Travis Hafner or Thome here if they actually played 1b. And I think Giambi’s having a better year than Big Papi. Plus, Ortiz has played something like 3 games at first.

2b- Brian Roberts- I could have gone with Cano instead but I’m going with the sentimental pick. It’s funny that no one talks about Roberts as a candidate for come-back player of the year. Consider that Bubba Crosby accidentally detached his arm from his body last year. Seriously, any guy who comes back from almost losing his arm during a baseball game deserves an All-Star nod.

SS- Derek Jeter- You think Miguel Tejada is better than Captain Clutch. And you’re wrong. Derek’s otherwordly OBP is what puts him over the top. Also, he’s Derek Jeter.

3b- Alex Rodriguez- Mike Lowell is outperforming expecations and A-Rod is not living up to them. And yet, it’s not even close.

RF- Ichiro- I’m jealous of Seattle fans who get to watch the great Ichiro! everyday.

CF- Vernon Wells- Grady Sizemore has made a late run at the spot, but it’s Vernon who’s kept the Jays in contention and the Sox from running away with the division.

LF- Manny- Yawn. Who are the best right-handed hitters ever? Where is Manny on that list?


1b- Jim Thome, Travis Hafner: Oh snap! Look who I left off the team!

2b- Cano, Jose Lopez

3b- Lowell- His defense puts him over Glaus.

SS- Tejada, Carlos Guillen, Orlando Cabrera (added for lone rep. requirement)

C- Jorge Posada

OF- Grady Sizemore, Alex Rios, Jermaine Dye, Gary Matthews Jr.

Starting Pitchers:

  1. Francisco Liriano- Best pitcher in the AL. He is also the Rookie-of-the-Year. That’s not to say that Paps hasn’t been remarkable. He’s just not as great as Liriano.
  2. Johan Santana- You might not want to play the Twins in a short post-season series given their top 2 pitchers.
  3. Roy Halladay
  4. Curt Schilling- You are a blow-hard and yet you are a very good pitcher.
  5. Mike Mussina
  6. Barry Zito
  7. Justin Verlander Scott Kazmir (for lone representation requirement)
  8. Zach Greinke- He has yet to pitch a game for the Royals this year. Yet, he still remains one of the only hopes for this sad, sad franchise. I say vote for hope, vote for the idea. The reality is way too ugly.

Relief Pitchers:

  1. Papelbon
  2. Ryan
  3. The Great Mariano
  4. Rafael Soriano

So, basically, you agree? Right?

Updated: Oops! I cheated and did it the easy way. I think I now all the AL teams covered now.

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  • I would take Kenji Johjima as my reserve catcher.

    attackgerbil July 3, 2006, 3:42 pm
  • I love it Nick, you’re gonna get so many Chowdah heads screaming their heads off about your 1B pick. I agree 100%; Jason “Moonshot” Giambi all the way.

    bloodyank78 July 3, 2006, 3:44 pm
  • Giambi gets docked poins because with all the steroids and HGH, he’s actually not even a real human anymore. Kinda like that Twilight Zone where the robot can’t play for the Hoboken Zephyrs because the rules state a team must be made up of nine “men.”
    But, hey. he’s a “true Yankee,” so I guess that cancels out all that cheating stuff…

    Paul SF July 3, 2006, 4:37 pm
  • I’d take Hafner as the starter over Gamby, but even as one of those Chowdah-heads, I can’t disagree. Papi hasn’t been quite as strong as usual this year, and with no DH, he gets squeezed out by the two best hitters in the AL and a resurgent Jim Thome.

    C. Joseph July 3, 2006, 4:39 pm
  • OK I just went through and made my All Star list.
    C Mauer
    1B Ortiz
    2B Cano
    SS Jeter
    3B Lowell
    LF Ramirez
    CF Wells
    RF Suzuki
    1B Giambi
    1B Thome
    2B Loretta
    SS Cabrera
    SS Tejada
    3B Crede
    3B Rodriguez
    LF Swisher
    LF Crawford
    CF Sizemore
    RF Brown, KC
    C Kohjima
    SP Schilling
    SP Liriano
    SP Verlander
    SP Mussina
    SP Contreras
    SP Santana
    SP Rogers
    SP Wang
    CP Papelbon
    CP Rivera
    CP Jenks
    CP Ryan
    Boston = 6 NYY = 7
    I will explain a few picks Lowell over A Rod, sure Rodrigues has the power but a bad Avg and poor defense helps make it closer then most people think.
    Brown is the best player I could find on Kansas City’s roster, sad.
    Went with three 3B cause Crede cant be ignored, Glaus (pathetic Avg .248 and K’s 73 offset his homeruns).
    No Konerko? I cant justify putting two 1B from the same team on the roster in a non DH game, sorry, Thome having the better year.
    Crawford edges Kazmir for there lone representative.
    Close call for backup catcher with Posada and Pudge just missing.
    Wanted to include Street but none of the 4 selected closers could be overlooked at all.
    Sorry Vlad, Cabrera edges you for lone representation, though I was tempted to choose the younger Weaver who’s 4-0 in 4 starts and only back in the minors cause his big brothers making to much to release.

    TJ July 3, 2006, 4:39 pm
  • Ortiz’s average isn’t great, but he has a commanding lead in RBI and is slightly behind Thome in HR. But it’s hard to justify leaving off Hafner or Thome. Gambi, I can always justify.
    Really, it sucks when you have all the DH and 1B fighting for two or three spots in an offense-heavy league. It’s just another reason why the NL needs to wake up and add the DH.

    Paul SF July 3, 2006, 5:00 pm
  • I wont say the NL needs to add a DH but they should have the DH in the all star game. Next year again the NL hosts the All Star in San Francisco so we’re gonna have the same problems then.

    TJ July 3, 2006, 5:05 pm
  • Can someone make the case for taking Curt Schilling over Mike Mussina? Schilling always seems to lead Mussina in the all-snub list… yet Mussina has been better at pretty much everything except for (a) walking fewer guys and (b) getting wins after coughing up a 4 run lead and giving up 5ER in 5 2/3 innings.
    Not that Schilling hasn’t been excellent… but Mussina has been better. He’s beaten Schilling, Beckett, Robertson, Kazmir, Willis and Colon. He’s 4-0 in 4 starts against division rivals Toronto and Boston.
    But he’s not a media whore, so I guess, since the media types are a big part of the decision process, Schilling might as well be considered a bigger snub. (Huge eye roll)

    MP July 3, 2006, 9:13 pm
  • It has little to do with this year’s performance, but I imagine it plays a factor when it comes to fan perception and media coverage: Schilling’s a future Hall of Famer. Mussina’s not.

    Paul SF July 3, 2006, 9:22 pm
  • Agreed Paul, although I think both of them have good HOF shots. IMO they need:
    -Schilling–a good next season and a half. (220 wins, 3000K, postseason glory should be enough for a high profile guy)
    -Mussina–stay healthy and somewhat effective for two or three more seasons (260-270 wins, .635%, 2850K, etc. should make him hard to ignore).
    Let me add, by the way, that this was just a Mussina/Schilling comment, this being a YF/SF blog and all. There are several AL SP who have not been mentioned at all when they should be (Robertson, Lackey, etc.), so it’s not like Mussina is ignored.

    MP July 3, 2006, 9:36 pm
  • Yeah, we did a post a while back talking about Schilling and Mussina and their respective HOF credentials. Mussina’s very close, but he lacks the postseason glory and the 20-win seasons (even though that’s not his fault) that Schilling has.

    Paul SF July 3, 2006, 9:41 pm
  • Paul, I’ll look for the post. To this point, Schilling and Mussina are an interesting contrast. Schilling was a brighter light for a shorter time, but Mussina has had an excellent career–perhaps better than people realize. I would wonder, aloud as it were, whether in light how much harder it (apparently) is to pitch in the AL, he’ll get some credit. Likewise, should Schilling get credit for making the transition successfully?
    One interesting thing about the Current Borderline SP Group (Schilling, Mussina, Smoltz, Cone to a lesser extent) is that the guys ahead of them, with the exception of Glavine, all have a claim to being among THE very best of all time (Johnson, Clemens, Pedro, Maddux). So yeah, Schilling and Mussina never won a Cy Young… but look who they had to deal with!

    MP July 3, 2006, 9:57 pm
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