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No Matter Who Loses, We Win: Rangers-Yanks Gamer

Go team!  Either team!

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Thanks SF!
Well, Andy K’s Kinsler, 1 out.
ARod error, 1st with 1 out.
Hamilton single, 1st and 2nd, 1 out
Walk, bases loaded. 1 out.
Pettitte doing his best Joba impression, about to blow the game in the 1st inning.
Game over. We suck again.

HUGE DP!!! ARod makes up for his error…whew.

1-2-3 first…pathetic. Mows us down like the losers we are. Here we go again. I wonder how long this losing streak will go…

Swisher blows…0 for his last 12. Blew the game last night, K’s now…he is back to being FLUSHER!!!!

ARod gunned at home on the Godzilla single…f-ck. Not sure he was totally hustling around 3rd, out by a mile.

Cano drops the cut-off throw like a f-cking idiot…4-1. 2nd with 1 out, here we go…meltdown time. Knew it was too good to be true…

walk…the REAL pettitte is back. 1st and 2nd with 1 out. HR to tie coming right up…

FLUSHER K’S!!!!! NICE JOB LOSER!!!! 0 for his last 13 now!!! GREAT JOB DOUCHEBAG!!!

Walk on a 100 pitch at bat by Jerry…1st and 2nd, no outs. BRING DA NOISE, BRING DA FUNK!!!!

FLUSHER COMES THROUGH!!!! RBI DOUBLE!!!! 7-2!!!! 2nd and 3rd, no outs!!!! TEX TIME!!!

Now THAT was a Yankee inning right there…excellent.
Not sure the 7 run lead is enough for Bruney though.

Jorge hurt…out of the game. Tipped off the glove, disasterous. I blame Bruney’s sorry-ass.
Broken finger? Hand? F-CK!!!!

…and Bruney walks the bases loaded. YOU F-CKING SUCK ASS BRUNEY YOU F-CING LOSER!!!! CUT HIS ASS!!! HE IS WORTHLESS!!!

Another fine performance kr. And the Yanks did all right as well. Hopefully the astronomical team-starter-ERA will for the past week is starting to come back down. Strong starts by AJ and CC would put the pitching back in line with the ridiculous hitting they’ve been doing.

Thanks IH…it was a grind, but I got through it. Bruney is just awful. Even in mop-up duty the guy is terrible. He tried SO hard to give it back and broke Hip Hip’s hand!!!! Well, not really but I still hold him responsible!!! ;)
Hip Hip update:
Bruised ring finger, day-to-day…
That doesn’t sound so bad. He can take a week of to rest for the run! I was TERRIFIED it was broken and we’d be looking at WEEKS. When it happened, you could tell he was in real pain. They took him out immediately.
Also, ARod fouled one off of the top of his foot that made it past 3rd base…hope he’s OK. He should sit today anyways…needs some days off for the run.

Per the Times:
But it was a also sobering night for the Yankees. Posada’s home run and his handling of Pettitte were valuable, but he left the game after a foul tip hit his left ring finger in the eighth. It is the same finger Posada injured about two weeks ago, and although X-rays were negative, he said he expected the discomfort to linger.
“I don’t think it’s going to heal until the season is over,” Posada said. “The joint is bruised. There’s not much I can do.”
After Posada first hurt the finger, he rested one day and returned to the lineup, Manager Joe Girardi said. Girardi said it was too soon to know how much time the durable Posada would miss now that he had aggravated the injury.
“There’s a little concern that he’s going to be extremely sore,” Girardi said. “Hopefully, we’ll get the soreness out as quick as we can.”

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