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Apparently three big postseason moments in two years, having one of the best Junes in the history of the franchise and being the best overall right fielder in baseball when he was on the field last year just aren't enough to get J.D. Drew any respect in the Boston media:

Bay’s game is much like his personality – quiet and unassuming. And yet, when the season is over, more often than not he’s been good for 30 homers and 100 RBI throughout his career. The Sox also could bat J.D. Drew fifth to go lefty-righty, but Drew possesses nowhere near Bay’s power.

Bay is often underrated, as well, and he consistently compiles better counting numbers than Drew because he's generally healthier. But, honestly, guys.

J.D. Drew, 2008: .519 SLG, .239 ISO
Jason Bay, 2008: .522 SLG, .236 ISO

J.D. Drew, career: .502 SLG, .218 ISO
Jason Bay, career: .516 SLG, .234 ISO

J.D. Drew, three best slugging averages: .613, .569, .520
Jason Bay, three best slugging averages: .559, .550, .532

Jason Bay may be the more valuable player — similar production with better playing time and more year-to-year consistency — but let's not forget just how good a hitter J.D. Drew is.

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I stand by the sentiment I’ve always expressed:
When healthy, JD Drew is the best pure hitter on the Red Sox. A excellent mix of power, hand/eye coordination, and a beautfiul swing are unmatched on the the current Red Sox roster. I take a healthy JD Drew over Jason Bay (or any other player in Boston’s outfield) eight days a week. I think this will be JD’s big year in Boston.

here here! I am used to standing alone in my praise and support of JD Drew. Yes, he is injury prone and spends more time on the DL than I would like…no doubt. But that only shows me how much he means to the lineup. Not only do those stats show he is a great hitter, he also is a great clutch hitter. He gets those hits when they are needed most. The grand slam in the 07 ACLS, timely HR in the 08 ADLS, 2 fantastic hits in Game 5 of the 08 ACLS and let’s not forget JD Drew putting the team on his back (pun intended) when Papi went down last year.
That’s a guy I want on my team. That’s a guy I don’t call soft. It may not be the popular opinion, but I think Boston is lucky to have you.

the herald is really getting to be lame. With Bradford at WEEI and others leaving… JD is also a better defensive player, which counts for half the game as well.
as an aside – did anyone see that Francona is tweeting?

im not counting on a big year from JD if he’s already getting injections in his back…

The injection was proactive and experimental, to see whether it would help if the back became more of a problem during the season.
The fact that it’s worked so well actually gives me hope that he could have a much better year, healthwise, than we’ve come to expect.

You know it’s almost baseball time when these types of stories get written. Beckett’s on the mound in 3 days!

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