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Nomah returns…

…and is upstaged by Derek and his go-ahead homer at the Stadium. Derek: always with the drama. We do love him. Glad to see Garciaparra back in uniform, however. We only hope he continues to have this same effect on the Sox results.

Despite last night’s theatrics, Kevin Brown’s stiff back is a problem that’s looking more and more serious. Our cure: Ben Gay—we know it stinks everything up, but this is no time to be squeemish—and plenty of Motrin. That or Freddy Garcia. As it stands, if you take out all those games against the DRays (4 of his 7 wins) his era’s nearing a Weaveresque 5.00.

3 replies on “Nomah returns…”

Nothing like a Yanks fan to make it all about Derek and your team. Narcissists, all of you.
I think the rain did more of the upstaging than Derek, but have it your way, if you like.
And enjoy the short-term. Trot’s next. Then Williamson.

SF details that while in Vegas he bet on the Sox and wore Sox jerseys. But YF…you narcissist you!! Shame on you for saying “glad to see Garciaparra back in uniform.” Next time think more than just about the Yanks…maybe think about the Pirates.

Hey, at least I didn’t get a Sox jersey with my own name emblazoned on the back. That would have been truly pathetic.
As it is, in my entire life I avoided buying Bosox shirts, hats, etc. I always had this semi-moronic idea that if I ever bought any official gear the Sox wouldn’t win, a sort of cretinous superstition that it took nearly 30 years to defy. So I am not sure that buying a shirt and wearing it qualifies as narcissism, but rather it is probably my previous and misguided idea that I, SF, personally gave the Red Sox a better shot at winning by not purchasing the gear that does.

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