Not Quite The Top 10 Red Sox Wins Of The Year

As chosen by me.

I may have missed a couple of good ones. Here are some honorable mentions, at any rate, and you’ll see the Top 10 later today or maybe this weekend:

4/1: Lester and the Sox win the first game of the year 8-2 over the Yanks after a 69-93 2012, a horrific September/early October 2012 (7-22), and an 8-game losing streak to end that nightmarish season (and losing 12 of their last 13). This sets the tone for the new season and washes out some of the horrible aftertaste of 2012.

4/7: Middlebrooks hits three home runs against the Jays as Dickey is pounded and the Sox win 13-0, another dynamic-establishing win.

4/13: Lester and Price duel to a 1-1 stalemate. The Sox win on a walkoff infield single (to a 5-man infield) by Victorino in the 10th (though really, more like a fielder’s choice since they were playing to get the runner at home with 1 out…still don’t understand why they bothered throwing to 1st).

4/15: Napoli hits a walkoff double off the Monster on Patriots’ Day to win 2-1 over the Rays, but those events are soon overshadowed by tragedy.

5/6: Drew hits a walkoff double to the wall to beat the Twins 6-5 in 11 innings: it’s the only game the Sox will win in that 4-game series.

6/4: Red Sox pound Rangers 17-5 and come within an eyelash of scoring in all 8 home innings, but are stymied by position player David Murphy in the 8th despite a leadoff double.

6/6: Ron Washington elects to walk Dustin Pedroia in a tie game in the 9th with 1st base open so his lefty can face David Ortiz. Unsurprisingly, on the first pitch, Papi hits a bomb into the bullpen for the 6-3 walkoff win.

6/10: After the Red Sox score 2 in the top of the 10th against the Rays, Bailey allows 2 runs (a leadoff blast and a bases-loaded walk) himself and has bases loaded, nobody out, so the game seems to be all but over. Instead, Longoria hits into a 5-2-3 DP. Fuld tries to bunt the winning run in with 2 out, but Pedroia is having none of that and nips him at 1st. The game is won in the 14th when Nava and Salty drive in a run each and Morales completes his second inning of work in the bottom half. It killed me to leave this game off the final list.

6/18: Doubront goes 8 shutout at home and the Red Sox lead 1-0 over the Rays. Bailey coughs it up (something of a running theme) and it’s 1-1 going into the bottom half. Gomes cranks a 2-run shot off a sign over the Monster in left on the first pitch he sees and completes the doubleheader sweep. He punts his helmet before entering the scrum at home, as he will later punt beer into the stands during the division clinch celebration.

7/3: Gomes makes a habit of it, hitting a walk-off homer, on this occasion just barely into the Monster seats. This time, he fakes the punt, then runs it in, clutching his helmet like a football. 2-1 over the Padres.

7/11: Dempster is slapped around in Seattle, giving up 7 runs in 3.1 and the Red Sox trail by 3 after Wright is called in and allows an inherited runner to score. But Boston ties it in the next inning and Steven Wright then proceeds to throw the game of his life through the 9th, allowing no further damage. Wright earns the win when the Sox score once in the 10th and Uehara makes it stand up. This is another one that was painful to exclude.

7/21: After an epic seesaw battle on Sunday Night Baseball against the Yanks, Napoli parks one over the center field fence and the Fenway fans go home happy as the Sox win 8-7 in the 11th.

7/31: Michael Saunders is up for Seattle in the top of the 15th with 2 on and 1 out. He hits a hard, sinking liner to left and Ibanez is off and headed for home from 2nd base. Unfortunately for the Mariners, Gomes makes a great diving catch, and decides he’ll just take it to 2nd himself. (Some might call this selfish or showing up the other team by not throwing it to 2nd instead; I call it smart. The fewer fielders involved, the less chance of an error.) In the bottom half of that inning, Drew has the bases loaded and 2 out. He lines one down the right field line. It would probably be a double under typical circumstances, but it’s a single since the winning run scores from 3rd and the Sox win 5-4.

8/7: The Sox have not played well throughout the series in Houston, getting shut out in one game and making a 15-10 win appear close. In the rubber match, they are losing 5-4 in the 9th, when a couple guys get on for (again) Stephen Drew with 1 out. He destroys a hanging curveball to make it 7-5 and that’s your final.

9/10: Buchholz comes back from injury and throws 5 shutout against the Rays. Price gives up 2 in the meantime and the bullpen makes it stand up as the Sox win 2-0.

9/13: The Red Sox appear to be cruising to an easy victory over the Yanks at Fenway, but the Bombers chip away and tie it at 4 in the 7th. In the bottom half of that inning, Salty comes up and delivers big time with the bases loaded, a slam to right-center several rows over the bullpens. The Sox win 8-4.

9/19: John Lackey throws a complete game, marred only by Adam Jones’s homer over everything in left, and the Sox win 3-1 putting them in prime position to clinch the East the next day.

Edit: added the 9/13 game (wasn’t on the top 10 before or anything, just overlooked it) and fixed a few things.

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  • With his punting ability Johnny Gomes might yet become a two sports star.

    pale blue eyes September 27, 2013, 12:51 pm
  • Amazing that these are just “bubbling under”. The Top 10 probably will top any comparable list from other seasons.

    pale blue eyes September 27, 2013, 12:56 pm

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