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Perusing the SoSH message boards, looking for trade info, and came across this kind-of-funny-but-not-in-any-kind-of-remotely-redeemable-fashion post. Let’s just make it clear, though, there are thousands of posts, and this is the only one of this ilk that I came across. It doesn’t represent RSN, and cannot be condoned by this poster. But, for your viewing pleasure, here goes:

I’d hate to root for RJ to get hurt, but if he’s an MFY, he’s fair game. I hope Giambi doesn’t die, for example, but I’d like to see him stay sick through October.

Yikes. Get better, Jason.

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  • Get better indeed. And El Duque: ice down that hammy and get back soon!

    YF July 27, 2004, 11:33 pm

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