Not that it’s gonna make

Not that it’s gonna make any difference next week, but what a nice way for Moose to ease in to the postseason. Here’s today’s 6th inning against the Chisox: CHICAGO SOX 6TH -Bottom of the 6th inning -C Lee singled to left. -F Thomas doubled to right center, C Lee scored. -M Ordonez singled to right, F Thomas to third. -C Everett doubled to left, F Thomas scored, M Ordonez to third. -B Daubach struck out swinging. -J Valentin homered to right, M Ordonez and C Everett scored. -J Crede doubled to deep right center. -M Olivo singled to left, J Crede to third. -W Harris singled to center, J Crede scored, M Olivo to third. -W Harris stole second. -C Lee doubled to left, M Olivo and W Harris scored. -A Osuna relieved M Mussina.

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