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Now That We’ve Got That Out Of The Way

Let’s get back to baseball.

Yep, great baseball.  John Madden texting while seated next to the Honorable George W. Bush, former Rangers owner, who is either playing Angry Birds or trying to figure out the stylus on his Leapster.  And there’s Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush, and Emmitt Smith, with Ashton Kutcher waiting to pounce a cougar one row back.  Looking left, I am pretty sure that that is Catherine Zeta Jones with an almost unidentifiable Michael Douglas.

Then Joe Buck rakes ARod over the coals for doing what I would give three months’ pay to enjoy for three minutes: watch a Superbowl while Cameron Diaz feeds me popcorn.

Told you this was about baseball.

Oh, and Robi Cano hired Scott Boras as his agent. Joy.

9 replies on “Now That We’ve Got That Out Of The Way”

“…Then Joe Buck rakes ARod over the coals …”
this is joe buck ag…joe buck…think about it…at least we didn’t have to listen to macarver’s inane drivel…that’ll come soon enough with the change in seasons…
“…I’m just glad the World Series isn’t the only major sporting event A-Rod tries to ruin….”
it’s popcorn guys, not weird stuff on his bedroom walls, or staring at himself in a mirror…just popcorn…
i used to find these jabs at the yankees somewhat annoying, but i’m learning to take a deliciously perverse pleasure in stuff like this boring under the skin of people in general, but especially red sox fans…hahaha

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