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Hal Steinbrenner spoke about costs at the new Yankee Stadium today, ESPN has the story here.  Some interesting data is contained in the article:

  • Average ticket cost at Yankee Stadium rose 76% over 2008, from $41.40 to $72.97, no doubt skewed by the crazy prices for the Legends Suites.
  • Second place for average ticket price is Fenway, at $50.24.  Prices at the Fens rose 0.3%. 
  • Major League average: $26.64, up 5 percent. 
  • Premium seats at Yankee Stadium average $510 (1st), at Fenway they average $162 (5th).
  • The TMR "fan index" (measures cost of a game for four tix – 2 child, 2 adult, plus refreshments and souvenirs) is $411 at YS, $326.45 at Fenway.  Ouch.  Soxkid Isaac is most definitely getting A-ball in Coney Island for his first ever game, we're excited to say.
  • Cheapest seats at Yankee Stadium are 5 bucks, and bonus! They come with a free wall.

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Cyclones games are definitely cool. Staten Island is even better if you don’t mind going out to the garbage dump. In SI for $15 you get a ticket and unlimited burgers/hotdogs/soda.
A much much better deal.

In SI I would have to subject my kids to a Yankee farm team and have them surrounded by Bomber-loving yahoos. Not worth the savings.

A plain old average is a pretty poor tool for measuring almost anything. I wonder what the median increase was? Apart from a few hundred (maybe up to a few thousand?) ridiculously priced seats right along the field and behind home plate, most of the rest of the new seats weren’t raised much. My old main reserve seats went up $10, and I think the bulk of the other seats were similar.
Clearly the premium seats are terribly overpriced, but they don’t tell the whole story.

When the pricing was first announced last year, all the articles were mentioning the ludicrously priced $2000-$17000 seats and going on and on about how Joe Q. Public will never be able to get in at those prices, but none of them mentioned the prices for the overwhelming majority of seats in the rest of the stadium.
Frankly, when I heard a long-time season ticket holder with seats 2 rows behind the dugout complaining that his $200 seats are now $20000 and he won’t be able to afford them, I was shocked and amazed that those seats were “only” $200 to begin with. Clearly $2000 is way too far in the other direction, but still…

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