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O Face: Orioles-Sox Gamer

Miller time tonight, as the Sox take on Buck Showalter’s crew. Comment about the action here as the Sox try to keep adding wins heading into the All-Star Break. Tonight’s lineup looks pretty solid, with AG back in and Reddick in place of Darnell.

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Two innings, two missed chances. Yay Sox.
It does appear that they can get to Arrieta though, so it is on Miller to keep it close.

It may have been Ball 4, but Pedroia absolutely crushed it. 3-2 Sox.
Sad to hear about the injuries to Mo and Jose Reyes. Though maybe it will lower the latter’s perceived value so the Sox can go get him this off season.

Where we live in Virginia, we get MASN, the O’s network, he Show has commercials where he is talking about how much he knows about baseball strategy. Maybe he does but strategy doesn’t work when you have limited talent. Plus the commercials are annoying.

BillsBurg, I feel your pain regarding MASN. Can’t stand it, and can’t stand the O’s broadcasters.
Salty: 103 OPS+
Varitek: 107
Martin: 93
Cervelli: 49
Just sayin’.

“…I am hesitant to revisit the Salty/Martin thing, but at this point Salty is the superior player I think….”
hesitant?…no you’re not! ;) you couldn’t wait to revisit it…you win though…theo’s a genius for saving a couple of bucks and going with salty…

Well, earlier in the season the Martin trade was looking fantastic, and a lot was made about how awful the Sox catching was. Martin is in a pretty bad slump and the Sox catchers together are performing very well, so it’s being pointed out.
Likewise, if Jeter turned things around and brought his OPS+ up above 100 YFs would [justifiably] point it out too, since a lot of discussion has been revolving around his struggles. The same would be said if Crawford started not sucking, too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: it’s not necessarily a case of “we win”, but rather that baseball is a funny sport which can turn on you in the blink of an eye.
I should note that I still think Martin is a better overall player, and that at the end of the season he’ll have a higher OPS+ than Salty.

Yeah, offense definitely isn’t a problem right now. Even Scutaro/Navarro are holding their own with league-average offense. With Reddick tearing the cover off the ball, the only dead spot in the lineup right now is Drew, much as it pains me to say.
Pitching, on the other hand, is officially in scary territory with 60 percent of the Opening Day rotation on the DL, and another 20 percent putting up an historically awful season.
League-leading offense, an ace followed by question marks… When did this team become the Yankees?

“…I meant in a top thread, dc….”
i was just messing with you buddy…you have an excellent point…
“…When did this team become the Yankees?…”
hahaha…that’s funny paul, but you’re right…at least you’re in first place…

anybody heard this one?…i read somewhere earlier today that peter gammons reported that lackey may need tommy john surgery…that sounds weird if they keep running him out there every 5th day…

Yeah, there have been rumblings about Lackey’s elbow for a while, that he might need the surgery. One issue is that the Sox get a sixth year from Lackey at ML minimum if he undergoes the surgery, it’s potentially a disincentive to surgery as such (though there’s a clear incentive if having elbow problems mean you are an awful, unemployable pitcher). Based on how he’s pitched it seems likely he’s hurt, but who knows what that means treatment-wise.

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