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Obstruct This: Fenway Rays-Sox Gamer I

Josh Beckett gets the rock for the first game of the season at Fenway. Comment away.

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He went on the 3-2, grounder to short, he tried to take out Brignac who fell over Ellsbury and landed on his shoulder. Ellsbury’s out of the game with what I’m sure is a serious injury.

Trying very hard to think of any silver lining to Ellsbury’s injury. Maybe if he’s out for a long time it’ll make it easier for the Sox to re-sign him…? I give up – this sucks. Hell of a thing to spoil an otherwise encouraging game.

Rosenthal’s comment is that he could be a good fit for the Sox since he only has a minor league deal with the Phillies.
Oh well – I’ve got dibs on the injury excuse when the Sox finish 3rd or 4th in the East. Just wanted to make sure I called it now so when we use it later in the season we don’t get heat for it…

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