Oh, It’s You: Jays-Sox Gamer I

One time, a friend of mine was at a party with some movers and shakers.  Bill Murray was there and she walks up to him and says, “So I hear you’re kind of an @$$hole…” (I don’t know why she chose to begin this way; it’s typical of her, though.)  He says, “I *am* an @$$hole” and walks away from her.  Some time later, my friend reintroduces herself by saying “I’m sorry about that whole ‘@$$hole’ thing earlier”, and he replies “Oh, it’s you” and walks away once more, never to speak to my friend again.

Which is all to say I’m about as pleased to see the Blue Jays again as Bill Murray was to see my friend again.  The Jays went 3-1 against the Red Sox last week, and I’m not excited about the beatings continuing, nor do I think morale is likely to improve.  On the plus side, all sorts of inappropriate puns can be made out of Dickey vs. Buchholz.  But don’t expect to see those uncensored here in the post!  This is a family blog, where we censor all our body-part-referencing invective with special characters, thank you!  Tune in to watch D*ckey give it to us in our Buchh*lz.

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  • Did the score really have to be the exact reverse of our one successful venture at Rogers Centre last week?

    Devine July 29, 2014, 12:38 pm

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