OK, just saw today’s highlights.

OK, just saw today’s highlights. Here’s my take: 1. Pedro was chucking at Garcia, no question. Whether he was headhunting, I don’t know, because it seems at that point he had no control at all, really. But he was trying to hit him, with first base open. 2. Manny was an idiot – that pitch from Clemens was over the plate. 3. Zimmer is an even bigger idiot, and I think it’s time to send him off to some sort of managed care facility. The fact that they let that clown sit on the bench is a joke, like still allowing your aging grandparent to drive their own car even though they are a danger to society, just because you really love them and they used to take you to the merry-go-round when you were a kid (in itself not a terrible thing, but you get my point). 4. Joe Torre bitching after the game about Pedro headhunting is like Rush Limbaugh demonizing drug addicts. Does Joe remember the 2000 season, Roger beaning Piazza and then throwing a fucking bat at him? If he just keeps his trap shut then the Yankees come out on top, I have no beef, and the Sox have no claim to anything. But hearing Torre complain about that pitch when he’s the boss of the biggest headhunter this side of Robert Mugabe is hypocrisy of the first degree, it’s the kind of shit that makes the Yankees impossible to admire, in any way. 5. Apparently the fight in the bullpen was instigated by that hayseed tant Nelson and Garcia, who clearly looks like he ought to be in the WWF. The Boston police are considering pressing charges against the players, which might say something about who started that altercation.

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