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Old Men Rule: Yanks-A’s Gamer II

Freddy Garcia takes the baton from Bartolo as the Yanks try to make it 9 wins in a row against the Oakland A's dating back to last season.  They'll try to inflate Brett Anderson's 2.84 ERA in the process.  Hopefully Curtis and Teix stay hot, Swisher continues his recent rebound, A-Rod starts one of his own, and Derek takes a couple more steps toward yet another impressive milestone.

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Fast start – Jeter singles, Granderson homers, Teix singles, and then a couple outs, and it’s 2-0 good guys with Cano up and Teix at second. Given the Yankee performance with men on second explored earlier, Cano stands about a 10% chance of doing something positive here.

I want Jeter to go on a 4-game hit-fest to give him a shot at reaching 3,000 in the first series back home vs. Boston. Not as an in your face thing, but those series always attract increased attention, some of those players have battled each other for so long, etc, and so I think it would be cool.

It would be awesome IH, but I think we both know it’s just a dream. Sigh.
I read today that the Sox have their rotation set for the top 3 against us…can’t wait to see who we trot out there.

He was on first, Gardner hit a loopy little liner drive RIGHT AT THE SS…Swisher ran halfway down the baseline and was promptly gunned out at first for the double play. Stupid, stupid, stupid play.

Tex swings at a junk high pitch…pops it. 2 outs.
Here comes OUT-Rod with Jeter still on 2nd. He may as well just sit down on the base.

Jumping online for two seconds and I see that Connor Jackson bats third for the A’s and Josh Willingham is the clean-up guy. How do the A’ score runs?

Sounds good Krueg, you’re in!
By the way, Curtis Granderson, knocked by many last year as hopeless vs. lefties has the following numbers vs. lefty starters this year:
.344 BA; .403 OBP; .803 SLG, yielding a hefty 1.206 OPS.
And those numbers are on their way up so far tonight having gone 1 for 2 with a HR vs. Anderson.

And of course Swisher mis-plays a ball over his head, then can’t actually PICK UP THE FUCKING BALL…triple. Really a double at best. Has to be an E.

I can…against slow pitch. I’m pretty awesome. They call me Nick The Stick. So I’ll be the #3 hitter and you can be the Balboniesque clean-up guy. They”ll call us The “Post-Ped Bash Brothers (The Answer to Your Hypothetical Question)”.

I would be like Balboni…if I hit it? Gone. But I would be Posada like in terms of average. I am also a switch hitter by the way.
Nice IH.

Seems like a classic game 1 of the NBA Finals in Miami. Each time I’ve checked the score it has been a one point game from starting tip-off to now, the end of the 3rd quarter.

That was actually on Gardner…he missed the bunt and it was right down the middle. Gardner really cannot bunt. I want to punch him in the balls.

I just read the Gamecast description of how the Yankees made their second out of this inning, but I have not yet clicked “refresh” on this thread. Krueg’s Swisher-wrath awaits me…..

Yanks pouring it on. Stealing 3rd (Jeter now passes Rickey Henderson for Yankee lead in SBs), stealing home (Teixeira?!?! Need to watch that one on sportscenter), and then Freddy turns a neat line-drive double play with a man on 2nd and one out to end the 6th.
Given that the pen is beyond rested thanks to CC, Bartolo, and a travel day, they should be in fine shape.
Where would the Yankees be without Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon pitching better than anyone predicted? Certainly not in first.

“Hopefully Curtis and Teix stay hot…” CHECK
“Swisher continues his recent rebound…” CHECK
“A-Rod starts one of his own…” CHECK
“and Derek takes a couple more steps toward yet another impressive milestone.” CHECK
Good night all around!

Curtis Granderson is a baaaad man. Dude has just about matched his WAR from last year (2.5 vs. 2.6) in less than half the at-bats. Boy, do I like watching him play. And to think they’ve got him signed for another two years at $23M total.
Can we get the foam finger for another day? Two straight whoopings and with the fearsome Colon to Garcia shutdown l’affair.

Tex didn’t really steal home…it was a busted play by the A’s. They had him gunned at home on a grounder but the throw was bad.

WAIT…it wasn’t a grounder, they had ARod caught in a rundown with a pickoff from the catcher…he stayed alive long enough for Tex to break for home, THEN the throw home was bad.

“…Curtis Granderson is a baaaad man….”
yep…if i remember right, this is the curtis granderson we thought we were getting…and if, as it now appears, he’s learned to hit lefties…wow
yeah krueg…i think that technically counts as a steal since tex broke during the rundown…but i’m no official scorer, heck i’m not even an unofficial scorer, so maybe one of these other guys can confirm…

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