On Holiday

Sorry about the sparse posting – between travel, July 4th, work, etc., it’s been tough to stay focused. But use this thread as your July 4th catch-all for game comments, etc. And enjoy the long weekend!

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i wondered what happened…it was weird not seein any activity for a few days…sometimes i forget that you guys have other lives, and i crave the interaction, especially when the yanks are doing well ;)
anyway, this is an opportunity to wish everyone well on the rest of the weekend…have an enjoyable and safe independence day everyone…enjoy family, friends, food, and oh yeah, some baseball…

Hope everyone has a great 4th! Don’t blow your fingers off!!! Don’t drink and drive either…get rowdy at home and avoid the roadblocks.

Happy Independence Day everybody!
Day starting off poorly. Youk makes a bad error trying to tag out Davis at 3rd, then Drew misses a foul ball that it looks like he should have had. Come on guys, Lackey doesn’t need your help to blow the game, he can do it all on his own.

God DAMN, Lackey sucks.
Is his elbow exploded or something? ’cause I don’t think anyone expected him to be THIS bad. A 5.00 or so ERA was about the bottom of my expectations for him and boy, has he surpassed those!

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