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No, we’re not on the blogging DL, despite the lack of posts and the title of this thread. We’re still around, though the holidays have certainly taken their toll on both the hot stove in general and this site. We were back in Boston for the Christmas celebration (we’re good Jews, despite the fact that we exchange presents on such a Goyisha holiday) and we did some last minute shopping at the best bookstore we ever knew during our childhood, the New England Mobile Book Fair in Newton. NEMBF is still an amazing place all these years later (though it’s no Powell’s, perhaps the greatest general bookstore in this country) and we felt, well, home. Above is a picture of one of the first shelves we stopped at after we entered the place — it held Johnny Pesky’s hot-off-the-presses diary of the 2007 Championship season amongst countless other Sox-centric tomes — there’s no question what town this store serves!

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  • I think Christmas has become more of a national holiday than a Christian one. I don’t consider myself Christian but I celebrate it as well.
    After all, winter celebrations similar to Christmas have been celebrated since before Christianity even existed. And Santa Claus was drawn by a cartoonist who came to America as an immigrant and his outfit was made red by Coco Cola in an add campaign. Now what’s more American than that?
    Ethan Michaels

    Ethan Michaels December 26, 2007, 10:53 pm
  • Acres of Books out here in Long Beach CA is hands down the best book store in America. i’ve spent 1 day a week in there for the last 6 years, and haven’t covered half the shelves. i once found a late 1800’s suede bound “Essays on Love and Friendship” by Emerson there for $12.
    read all about Acres of Books here….

    sf rod December 27, 2007, 5:31 am

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