On the Banks of the Thames (not Marcus)

Checking in from London, I notice that both the Sox and Yanks are currently riding nice hot streaks – maybe I should stay away until August to see if my absence spurs on a nice pennant race? 

England is, as might be expected, verdant, picturesque, and also a bit blustery.  Our drive to the West took us near Bath, and through a small town (name forgotten, it was too much to handle what with concentrating on driving on the left side of the motorway) with a public green named "Fenway Park", full of footballers and frolicking children.  We were moving too fast to grab a snapshot, but be assured that there were no locals swiping at the cheeks of the visitors,  nor pints of watered-down beer costing 5 quid.  On the Royal Crescent in Bath we viewed a group of schoolkids playing a strange version of our own obsession — it wasn’t quite right, but it was clearly an effort at our national pastime, with a Louisville Slugger, 4 bases, and a squad of 9 making spastic attempts to field a yellow ball.  Needless to say we Americans shouldn’t be in fear of losing a World Championship to a squad from the UK anytime soon, such is the state of their youth program.

We’ll all back and posting in earnest on Tuesday, but until then here’s wishing the Sox as nice a road trip as we have had here in the UK.

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  • Most of us over there are brought up playing what we call softball as part of our PE classes. Sometimes it involves a tennis racquet instead of a bat, depending on what the PE teacher has handy.

    billyfrombelfast May 13, 2005, 8:45 am
  • One can’t help but suspect SF was watching that rather pansyish British baseball cousin, rounders.

    YF May 13, 2005, 9:08 am
  • Never seen a game of rounders so I wouldn’t be able to identify it, but it sure as hell looked like baseball, albeit a very crappy attempt at it.

    SF May 13, 2005, 9:58 am

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