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One issue that the current weather patterns in the northeast have had a major impact on is the Sox’ rotation, and the matchups for this coming weekend’s Sox/Yanks series. The Red Sox, who have been postponed for two nights running, will be sending Pedro Martinez out as scheduled tomorrow, pre-Yanks, and working everyone else around him. This means that Wakefield goes in the series opener Friday, Schilling Saturday (hooray, as YF and SF will both be in attendance), Lowe Sunday. Interesting that Pedro stays put, that Francona is not taking advantage of an extra day of rest to give Pedro some relief from his frigid opening day start and his 106 pitch effort Saturday night. Schilling gets the extra day, as does Lowe, and with Wakefield it hardly matters what kind of rest he gets. Francona has expressed an interest in sandwiching Wakefield between Martinez and Schilling, an interesting strategy for the long run. I think that this early in the season there’s no reason to re-engineer the rotation for the Yankees – later in the season I may have a different take. Right now it’s all about establishing rhythm, so I’ll go with Tito on this one.

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