One reason not to add

One reason not to add a “POTY” award: more ridiculous incentive clauses. As if A-Rod should need ANY incentive clauses in his $252M contract. The Most Valuable Player award should be for the player MOST VALUABLE to his team, not for the best player (this is MY opinion). I appreciate your acknowledging that a POTY award would clarify things, but I think it would be totally useless. We all pretty much know who the best player is every year, it’s not a big discussion topic. I can name five guys in the AL deserving that award, next year I bet at least three of the five are still on the list. The reason the MVP is so contentious is because the moronic beat writers don’t exhibit any year-to-year consistency in applying their votes. They often vote for who they think the best player is, not the player most valuable to his team. Somtimes they vote the other way around. I buy into the argument that if Barry Bonds were on the Tigers, and they went 55-107, then Barry Bonds is not a candidate, no matter if he hit 50 home runs and stole 40 bases and fielded like a Gold Glover. He’d qualify as the best, but, sorry, not the MVP. Right now Barry Bonds IS the best player, and maybe also the MVP, a kind of screwy occurrence. I wish the BBWA voted for the MVP per the definition of the award, then we would have a really interesting topic to discuss, as in who will win from the right group of players, not whether the writers will even get the APPLICANT POOL right or wrong.

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