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Onwards and Upwards

First month of the season over, and the Sox, despite stumbling through Texas, have had a wildly successful beginning. 15-9, 6 of 7 from the Yankees, all that despite two horrid outings from Martinez and one from Schilling, no Nomar, Trot, or Kim (until last week), and the league’s worst average with men in scoring position. Their positional depth is solid – witness the contributions of Crespo, Bellhorn, and Mirabelli. Their bullpen was beyond stellar – the hiccup in the opener of Saturday’s doubleheader was long overdue. It should get even better with Arroyo as a long man. And, we haven’t even seen two of their vital cogs. When the game ended last night I felt not pessimism, but optimism. It’s a sea change in attitude – in the past I would have sang doom and gloom at such travails, but this time I immediately realized that this was a mere speed bump.

All in all, a tremendous month for the Sox. No three-game sweep in Arlington can change that. On to Cleveland and a stop to the losing – my man Schilling tosses tonight.

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“…witness the contributions of Crespo, Bellhorn, and Mirabelli.”
CRESPO? I agree with the others, but… I would call Crespo a disappointment, except that he’s met up to my exact expectations – a guy who surprises you like hell when he helps you out, and makes you want to kill yourself when he’s up to bat in an important situation.

Diane, you are right. My only point is that the Sox got by with these guys in the lineup, and on a regular basis, which is frankly kind of shocking.
Crespo was the weakest of the team, a total liability at the plate, though his glove was more than adequate. Anyhow, my main point was that the Sox are 15-9 with these guys, and that things can only get a (whole lot) better if Trot and Nomar come back strong and Cesar moves to the pine (or to Pawtucket).

A whole lot better? Well, the team will be a whole lot better, it’s no given that their winning percentage will improve. Look at the Yanks last year. They had a terrific start with Derek out and Erick Almonte filling in at short. Were they better upon his return? Damn straight. Did their winning percentage improve. Well, no.

Schilling was great last night. Expecting your team to have a 0 ERA so that your team can win is unrealistic. That’s where we are, though. A 2-0 lead by a crappy team is seen as an insurmountable lead. Pathetic. This team is Manny and the Craptastics. Manny can’t perform and you pay to watch the Craptastics.

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