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Late. But is it too late?

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“…Late. But is it too late?…”
yep…too late for both of our teams…for tonight anyway…

Since August 17:
Adrian Gonzalez: .242/.375/.455, 3R, 2HR, 5RBI
Alex Gonzalez: .344/.344/.587, 8R, 3HR, 5RBI
Our AGonz is better.

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Fins game is in a lightning delay, flipped over…we BOTH F-CKING SUCK!!!! ;)
Seriously, the Jimmy Fund thing is pretty cool…good for the Sox for putting it on. Bravo Boston.

Nick Green warming in the pen.

Are you serious? I’ve been watching football, with the game on Gameday.

Just one of those days when neither of our teams looks anywhere near as good as their respective records. A good one to flush down a toilet somewhere and look for a fresh start tomorrow.

IBM, I gave at the NYS – together with the entire Yankee team apparently. Seems we’re all in a giving mood today. Except for the Texas Rangers bullpen, sadly.

Yeah IBM, it’s all a matter of perspective. For the Yanks, I don’t take comfort in their series record vs. Texas but I do take it from the fact that this is only the second series they’ve lost since the ASG.

Yeah, this isn’t indicative of how good the Yankees are. AJ really wasn’t bad today–just average–and the offense struggled a bit. They’re not going to score 10 runs every game, and the Texas pitching staff deserves some credit.

Plus, in a close game in the playoffs in the 7th, I don’t think Girardi brings in Coke. Or has Molina in the lineup.

The loss had to do with the Yankees only scoring 2 runs. Coke’s performance is somewhat irrelevant in that regard.

Yes and no Ath. If Coke had kept it a 1-run game then when the Yanks got men on 1st and 2nd with no outs in the 8th I think they would have played it differently. If all they needed was to scratch across one run to tie the game there, rather than rally for a big crooked number, it would have been a differant ballgame. Of course, if the Yanks are only losing by one going into that inning, the Rangers might have pitched differently and those two guys never get on. My point isn’t that the Coke-choke cost the game, and I think you’re right that the bats were the primary problem, but I think Coke altered things by putting the game much more out of reach and that may have contributed to the offense’s ultimately fruitless desperation.

Absolutely IH, I agree that things would have been different. I was mainly objecting to Andrew’s excuse of “Well, we lost because we brought Coke in. If it’s a playoff game we won’t do that.”

I didn’t say that’s why the Yankees lost. I’m saying it could and probably would have been different in a playoff situation.
These kinds of things really demonstrate why looking at regular season matchups is useless in determining who will do what in the playoffs. The regular season games simply aren’t played like playoff games.

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