Open Letter to Theo, Part Deux

Dear Theo:

See items #2 and #5 from my previous letter. Also add the following:

1. Waive someone. Someone with a contract. Send a message.

2. Check to see if Francona has a pulse. He’s rapidly turning into the worst kind of joke of a “player’s manager”. I think most of us fans are beginning to wonder if being a “player’s manager” means never having to call someone out, never making someone take extra BP or grounders. Remember what kind of crap Grady took for letting Manny do what Manny does? It’s happening again with this guy.

We can all stand for losses, but not ugly ones with little effort shown, three errors, four stolen bases against in the first 3 innings. Don’t misinterpret – I am not calling for his head, but for him to rip someone a new one, show some fire. We’re tired of the “aw shucks those guys are good” pregame (and now postgame) interviews. Any significant number of these types of interviews and you have the right to dismiss.

3. Don’t read the New York Times. It stinks.

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  • Okay, here’s a thought: it’s time to DH Nomar. Play Ortiz at first to keep his bat in the lineup. (Lord knows he can’t be any worse out there than Millar.) Move Pokemon to short, Bellhorn to second, Youkilis to third until Mueller comes back, all of which allows Millar to move to his natural position, i.e., pinch hitter and designated high-fiver. Think DH-ing Nomar is nuts? No, what’s nuts is allowing the season to be buried under an avalance of unearned runs. Check the offensive and pitching stats and for the most part you’ll find that while the Yanks have an edge over the Sox, it’s not a huge one. The one glaring difference is in the amount of games the Sox have frittered away with their lazy, bumbling ineptitude in the field. It’s time for a shake up.

    Matt June 30, 2004, 11:09 am

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