Oscar De La Hoya vs. Oscar The Grouch Equals Blood

And my suspicion is there will be a lot of blood tonight. The favorite to win Best Picture is No Country for Old Men, but I suspect Paul T. Anderson’s oleaginous epic will rule the day. Personally, I prefer the Coen Bros’ masterpiece, but I think Hollywood wants to officially appoint Anderson as the genius of this generation. But I’m probably wrong. Last year at this time, I thought it would be Hillary versus Rudy for president. I’m not so good at predictions. By the way, the Sox are repeating in 2008. Definitely.

What else will happen? Julie Christie, Daniel Day Lewis , Ruby Dee (in a photo-finish with Cate Blanchett) and Javier Bardem will win the acting categories. Elsewhere, The Coen Bros will pull out best directing and writing (the adapted version), and Juno (which I haven’t see but seems disgustingly indie-rock cloying for my tastes) will win the best original screenplay. I hear the Atonement score is nice, so I’ll give that one the nod for music. Best editing? I say The Diving Bell and the Butterfly wins that one. Persepolis will win Best Animated Feature, and Tim Burton’s Sondheim piece will get best art direction (again, blood looks cool on film!).

I’m probably  wrong about some of these things. If you feel like chatting during Hollywood’s night of self-congratulation, then this is the thread for you. Chat away!

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  • Pft, Juno wasn’t an ‘indie’ film. It plays like an indie film, but it’s not so esoteric. It’s a cute, touching, original film. But No Country For Old Men was truly great, and deserves the big one.

    AndrewYF February 24, 2008, 8:12 pm
  • “There Will Be Blood” should be the unofficial slogan for this website. It’s perfect and describes the SFs vs. YFs rivalry in general.

    SoxFan February 24, 2008, 10:39 pm
  • Julian Schnabel is consistently snubbed by the Oscars and it’s so disappointing. Before Night Falls (with Javier Bardem & he was phenomenal) was a gorgeous movie and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is amazing. He’s a wonderful director, I hope he gets rewarded someday.

    no sleep til brooklyn SF February 25, 2008, 12:27 am

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