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Ouch. Sox-Mariners Gamer

Don Wakamatsu has his hands full.  The Mariners managed to score a relatively rare win last night after Friday’s fracas, but what the H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS is up with Pacific Northwest teams?  One would joke except it’s hard to write a punchline.  Coubain, Smith, Green River, Bowie over Jordan, Jailblazers, Sonics→Thunder where Durant comes rolling down the plain. The afternoon game sees Dice-K facing Doug Fister.  At least it ain’t raining. Comment away.

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Offense I meant, of course. And immediately three hits and a walk yield two runs. A fine catch by Jack Wilson of a Bill Hall line drive prevents further damage for the Mariners. With today’s Daisuke two runs will not be enough.

And now an 8-pitch-inning from Daisuke with help on a nice play by Hermida who through out Casey Kotchman at second. 1 run on 4 hits after 6, that does not look so bad. But there’s also 5 walks and it took 110 pitches.

Well DiceK’s results were ok, but ten base runners in six innings is too much.
And now Oki quickly gives the game away. That performance on Thursday clearly was a fluke.

Okajima clearly was not in the game mentally. It’d help if a pitcher knew what to do with a bunt. Let him do mop-up duty for the rest of the season and that should be it.

Game over. Red Sox have scored five runs in the last three games, so you almost have to be happy that they managed to win at least one of these games. But a large part of this one is on Okajima.
Now they almost need a sweep in Anaheim to make this a decent road trip. Decent for a contender, that is. And there will be guys coming back, so I still think they can catch the Rays.

Since gamers aren’t going up everyday and attract lively threads pretty irregularly when they do, maybe it would sense to switch to a more regular but infrequent schedule so the gamers that do go up get more of a crowd because we know when to expect them? Just a suggestion.

If it’s Wednesday it must be Anaheim. Red Sox try to finish the road trip with a sweep of the Angels.
Angels starter Joel Pineiro gets scratched due to an oblique injury. Beltre and Hall with solo home runs off Scott Shields in the 2nd, and in between Hermida hit it almost out as well.
2-0 Sox. With Bard and Papelbon unavailable Red Sox need a ton of runs for Josh Beckett.

Singles by Papi and VMart, then Beltre misses a home run by a few feet but Matsui makes the catch. Hermida and Hall strike out and another chance to do some damage gets wasted.
After a good start this game becomes more and more annoying.

Bill Hall loses a fly ball in the sun, Willits ran all the way and turns it into a double, gets sacrificed to third and scores on a sacrifice. 3-2 Angels.
Beckett does not look exactly sharp today but the defense is not really helping him.

Pete Abraham on Extra Bases:
“The game is being paused now as Commissioner Selig presents Fernando Rodney with the Hideki Okajima Award for terrible relief pitching.”

MDC is one strike away from striking out the side 1-2-3, gives up a double to Callaspo, goes 1-2 against Abreu and then walks him.
Getting two outs is nice, but the third is the all important one, Manny!

So today’s trades by the Yankees? Interesting (said in the Larry David voice). It deepens our lineup well. I think Berkman makes a pretty big turnaround in New York. But really, only one issue was addressed (depth), and it wasn’t our most pressing one: the bridge to Mo. Wood is just another unsteady arm in a pen full of them.
The good news: Chan Ho Park is DFA

Strange: Red Sox have runners on 2nd and 3rd, two outs. Youk up, Papi on deck. Youk gets hit by a pitch, Papi comes up with the bases loaded. Why, a day after Papi hit a Grand Slam, am I thinking that that hit-by-pitch was the best thing that could happen to the Tigers?
And of course Big Papi strikes out …
Still 4-2 Tigers and the Sox have made a ton of mistakes in that game.

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