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Jon Heyman tweeting that the Gonzalez deal has fallen apart, that a deal could not be reached. Looking forward to hearing each camp's spin on this one. Assume the Sox will say something about not knowing if AG was going to be 100% healthy, and Gonzalez' camp saying the Sox wouldn't pony up.

Either way, if Heyman is right, an utterly terrible development for (most) Sox fans and the club. Unless this is just about the contract extension and not the actual trade.

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i got my answer once i opened both eyes…mlb apparently set the deadline…sorry guys, not totally, because i don’t want the sox to get better, but i know this is disappointing…

The trade could still happen. I wonder, can the Sox go back to Jed Hoyer and say “no Fuentes since we can’t ink AG”? Or are those terms locked? Is there any re-trading allowed here?
I still have a feeling the Sox execute the deal and figure out the contract later on. This one is confusing. It isn’t like with Dice-K, where if they failed to reach a deal there was no option to keep the player.

you’re right…i know mlb has some funky rules about this stuff, but i don’t know why the teams couldn’t just restructure the trade, since without the extension, the sox are getting back less in return…the deal was supposedly contingent upon the sox signing agon…that not happening should negate the trade, and they go back to the drawing board…

There was no binding contingency regarding extending Gonzalez. Reporting said that the Sox wouldn’t do the trade without an extension, but that was never corroborated by the Sox’ FO. And as of now, 3:30, nobody has announced (either Hoyer or Epstein) that the deal is off. We’ll know there is no trade (vs. no extension) when the GMs tell us.

Supposedly the Sox would save millions in luxury taxes by extending AGonz’ contract once the season starts. Not sure why, but that’s what reports say.
I really hope they get this done. How often do blockbuster player trades like this fall apart at the last minute?

Luxury tax is based on the AAV if each contract on Opening Day but a contract extension for AG would still count for 2011. So instead of $6.3m against the tax it would be the AAV of the extension with 1yr/$6.3m added to it. Signing the deal just after Opening Day, like the Sox did with Beckett last season, gets around this and puts the AAV into 2012 and beyond.
These couple of days have been quite the roller coaster. Something tells me this will still get done though. Especially with Werth getting seven (!!!!!) years from the Nats.

With the Werth signing, A-Gonz’s price just went way up. I dont see what motivation he has to sign an extension unless he gets top dollar from the sox. He could have multiple teams (including the sox) bidding for his services next off-season.

the globe reported that it’s been his “dream” to play for the sox, so you don’t know how much, if any, that plays into the negotiations…but yeah, assuming he’s the typical mlb mercenary, he’d be foolish to sign an extension before testing free agency…it’ll be interesting to see if the sox are willing to do better than their offer to tex…of course the yankees won’t be in on the bidding for gonzo so that changes the landscape a lot…

As someone who just had a labrum repaired, maybe Gonzalez wouldn’t be “foolish” to lock in a megamillion dollar deal. This is a calculated risk, assuming the Sox offered something reasonable. Which is, in the end, a massive assumption.
What went down is unknown, still. I wonder what numbers were involved.

Its his “dream”? I find that somewhat questionable considering he was born and raised in San Diego. Regardless, they are gonna have to offer some big numbers here. 6 year offers arent gonna cut it if you look at the recent big time 1b contracts like Tex and Howard. He is a top notch player and he should hold out for the best he can regardless of his preference of team.
The yanks may not be in on the bidding next year but some other big money teams will be (think mets, cubs, and more). He can still postpone his “dream” for a year and get paid the most next year.

“As someone who just had a labrum repaired, maybe Gonzalez wouldn’t be “foolish” to lock in a megamillion dollar deal.”
Good point SF. Wonder if we will ever know what the true offer was….

6 years does make sense as an extension to his current deal. That is a seven year commitment.
As for the deal, have any of the GMs involved made a statement? Until
they do I am assuming there are still ongoing discussions.

Ken Rosenthal tweeted the hang up was over the number of years. Given the sox history on this topic over the last few seasons, this should come as no surprise. They really dont like offering those extra years and paying for decline. (who does really?) The fact is though that most teams will pay for a few of these years for players like Gonzalez and given what Werth just got…

I would think that given what Werth just got (and the Nationals are never going to contend, this move indicates why), the Sox have to recognize that Gonzalez’ market value, on the open market, is high. But the thing is that Gonzalez isn’t on the open market. So his deal shouldn’t reflect an open market condition. That’s not to say Gonzalez doesn’t have leverage, value, etc. But he’s not a free agent, he’s got a year to go for that, and in the meantime he assumes risk by not locking into a long term deal. Lots of players take more now to avoid unknowns later, and some wait it out for free agency, which is their absolute right.
I am still not sure this deal is dead; the silence of both front offices is pretty deafening. The only guy who has spoken is the player’s agent. And he has no control over the trade, at all. Only the GMs do.

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