Owners are so Stupid, Vol. 1

Any no-trade the Sox agree upon with any player automatically triggers one for Manny Ramirez under terms laid out in his eight-year, $160 million deal.

What a bizarre provision, a foolish clause that is now sure to cause a boondoggle in the Varitek negotiations.  The previous ownership, with Dan Duquette as helmsman, gives Manny a trigger for an instantaneous no-trade clause, at the point where his contract hits 20m/per?  What the f**k were they thinking?  No wonder the new management was trying to dump this albatross of a contract – they obviously knew the details of an agreement that is even heavier than the simple numbers look. 

The key thing is that this idiotic trigger clause is now going to make signing the de facto captain of the Sox even harder and that stinks, especially for those of us who love watching Varitek play.  When will the owners stop writing in these boneheaded, shortsighted provisions?  They let the agents and the PA bully them into giving out these things, and who loses?  As usual, we do, us fans.

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  • Calm down SoxFan, Manny is just one year away from becoming a 10/5 player and having the right to veto any trade, so this provision shouldn’t cripple the Sox too much. No more than the idiot that is Variteks agent.

    Rhavisi November 9, 2004, 9:03 pm
  • Rhavisi –
    My point is not just specific to this case, but to the provision of these clauses in general. In this case, the clause has come to light late in the game, but that’s just a coincidence, and no reason to forgive the clause in concept. Your point is taken regarding this specific case, but in the grand scheme of things the owners (and the fans by extension) would be better served by simple restraint and contractual discipline. The owners (the Sox’ previous owners, in this case) constantly fail to exercise either of these qualities.

    SF November 9, 2004, 9:28 pm
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