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Part Deux: Yanks-Sox Saturday Gamer

Or 'Doh?  C.C. has been crap against Boston this year.  John Lackey has been crap more often than not this year.  Let's see what happens today.  Comment away.

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It is simply amazing to me that Joe keeps throwing the rotting corpse that is Posada into the lineup. And Cervelli? Why? This is a big game…can Muscle not handle a day game after a night game? The Sox should run wild on Cervelli’s noodle arm and his bat is even worse…

Won’t matter when Lackey gets the fucking shit kicked out of him by the Yankee lineup. I’m just hoping for a win on gloriously Joe-Morgan-free Sunday Night Baseball at this point.

CC and Cervelli have some sort of love affair going krueg, which isn’t to say Cervelli is now his personal catcher, but they certainly enjoy working together and have said as much. As for Martin, the guy is coming off a serious leg injury from last year – day rest after night game doesn’t bother me in his case. Gotta see if CC can finally have a strong start vs. Boston this season. 40% of his losses this year are against this team…

Posada is leading off I believe…so that’s automatically 1 out.
I can just see the Sox yelling, “EASY OUT, EVERYONE MOVE IN!!!” like when we were kids playing in the backyard…

Walks the catcher…1st and 2nd, no outs…
I would say the Sox will score 5 or 6 runs this inning…maybe even run CC out of the game.
Bunt, 2nd and 3rd with 1 out now…
0-2 in a matter of minutes.

Best case scenario for the Sox…Swisher hits a weak, pathetic, fucking stupid grounder into a fucking double-play, the Yankee calling card…
Runs scores but the big inning is instantly wiped.

Well…I’m gonna say now that it’s tied that giving up only 2 was pretty much the best way I could have imagined this unfolding. Hopefully he can get the third out now. Bastard.

I’m sorry…I know it’s wrong to wish injuries on anyone…but it would serve the greater good if Posada would just blow a fucking hammy or something. He is killing us. The guy is a fucking embarrassment.

1 pitch. Another leadoff double.
What the fuck CC??? Why do you SUCK against Boston??? Do you and Tex have a running bet on who can suck WORSE against the one team you HAVE to beat????
Fucking pathetic.

That was easy…
Game. Set. Match.
Bases loaded with no outs = 2 runs for us
1st and 3rd with one out for Boston = 5? 6 runs???
You really need to grow some fucking balls CC. Seriously.

YOU ARE A FUCKING JOKE CC!!!!! WAY TO FUCKING REPRESENT YOU FAT, WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! Who give a fuck that you can beat a bunch of garbage teams when you CLEARLY can’t beat the ONE FUCKING TEAM we need to beat to win the East.
Fuck you CC. FUCK YOU.
I’m done. I’m going to fucking puke. JOHN LACKEY OUT PITCHED YOU CC YOU FAT FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!! Live with that dickhead.

This is a swear-happy thread. Fuck yeah.
Also, fuck you Fox and MLB, for not letting me watch on MLB.TV, so, since I don’t have cable, I have to listen to the goddamn radio for this (which is romantic and old-school and shit, but I like the pretty pictures, so again, thanks, you money-hungry bastards).
Luckily, my Xbox 360 Live thingy lets me watch the ESPN games.

How is the awfulness of CC’s pitch selection abundantly clear to me, some asshole sitting on his couch three beers in, and not to him.
Again, ten straight fastballs? What the hell????????? There is no middle finger big enough!

You guys have this game in the bag devine…don’t sweat it dude.
I’m going to drink myself into a coma.
CC is a huge disappointment.
Our offense will choke. DP coming right here.

So let me get this straight…he gives up a hit to Cervelli, plunks Gardner, gives up a liner to Jeter, then K’s Granderson AND Teixeira?
Baseball is weird.
He still needs one more.

2 on, nobody out…1 fucking run against the “meat” of our order. But as we all know, there is no meat there…unless huge vaginas are considered meat because that’s what they all are.
Lachey >>>>>>>> CC
How’s that feel you fat worthless piece of shit?

OK boys…I’m turning it off. I’m not letting this team ruin yet another weekend for me.
Bottom line? The Sox are clearly a better team and have a chance to win it all. We don’t. Period.

Yeah, pbe, can’t say it gives me much pleasure…lucky Youk got the liner (if the radio is any indication). He does K Posada, not that that deserves an award or anything (no offense, YF’s…you can say the same for Crawford this year).
Welp, he got through 6, only giving up 3. I feel like that’s better than he actually pitched, but I really don’t have much to complain about. 9 more outs.

Damn, too bad I had to miss this!
I was sulking after last night, actually WORKING, because I was so sure that the Servile One would crap the bed that I miss all the fun.
But krueg’s commentary preserves the mood………as Isaid yesterday, its one of the big draws of this site.
Sorry dude, just rough YFSF humor.
Papelbon can always still blow it – it’s happened before, God knows……

What the hell has got into Carl Crawford?
(Jim Bouton says: 3 greenies! )
The Sox are in danger of handing JP a non-save situation, in which his ERA has been approximately 127.653 this year.

Scoring off of Noesi is an added bright spot.
Guy is really good and has stopped the Sox in the past (having an off day today though).
Maybe it means the Yanks won’t pitch him against us, and will send in Ayala instead.

I cannot take another day of Posada and Andruw Jones…Maybe they can “mistakenly” leave them in Boston. I don’t care if Montero hits .125, it can’t be any worse than watching the ghosts of Posada and Jones. In addition to Montero I find it very difficult to believe that there isn’t a younger OF that can be just as awful as Andruw Jones, but with some upside. Seriously and honestly marching these guys out there day after day is far more upsetting than losing to John Lackey.

I cannot take another day of Posada and Andruw Jones…Maybe they can “mistakenly” leave them in Boston
Leave them in the JD Drew Memorial Training Room

Haha. Yeah I really feel for these older players it just flat out sucks to get old, I get it. You try and respect what they gave you over their time with your team, but you can’t let that blind you from what you see on a daily basis. Jones and Posada are awful, absolutely over-matched on a daily basis. Sure both are good enough to have spurts where they look like ML players, but all in all they are below average options at this point in their careers. Heck Jones gets replaced at the end of games for defensive purposes and Posada plays 2 spots DH and 1B, come on Cash make the right move.

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