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Pay No Mind to the Excruciating Commentators: Rays-Sox Gamer VIII

It's ESPN time.  We suggest you listen to WRKO on the interwebs.  Comment here.

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Good call on the excruciating commentators: Joe Morgan is already spouting off idiocy.

I can’t wait until Joe Morgan is talking to Peter Gammons about the Red Sox. The universe might implode with the sheer magnitude of idiocy.

Hearing these commentators try to talk about OPS makes me cringe. They act like they’re discussing some form of philosophy that they are skeptical towards.

White Sox closer Bobby Jenks admitted today that he intentionally threw behind the Rangers’ Ian Kinsler last night.
Although I appreciate the candor, the admission was stupid. Enjoy the suspension, Jenks.

Davis travels, 2:37 left with the C’s up by one. Great outing by Oki.
Did you guys see Aubrey Huff fist-pump THREE times (once when rounding first, once rounding third, once after touching home) in the first inning after hitting a homer off Joba? I’m glad there are people other than us fans that are annoyed by Joba.

Oki in for more than an inning. Interesting.

Ath, I wouldn’t mind Joba’s fist pumping so much except when he did it against the Red Sox he was trailing. That was a bit juvenile.

Oki was fantastic. Ramirez (the clean one) to face Zobrist.

I agree IBM, that annoys me most. But I still think he overdoes it; I prefer Beckett’s calm walk back to the dugout after a crucial strikeout.
Papi with a double. Yessir.

Yeah IBM, but Paps does it at the end of the game when he closes things out. He did do it once after blowing a save, and that pissed me off too.

Impressive comeback by Papelbon.
He should do a Joba-style pumpfist after a job like that.

WOW! Multiple fist pumps and a little yelling after the save…Hmmmmmm. Maybe fist pumps have their place in the proper context?

There is no comparison between the Papelbon masturbation-pump and Joba’s spin-pump.
Can’t wait to see BBTN and Peter Gammons’ damning condemnation of Papelbon tonight!
Heh, oh wait. It’s ESPN.

Also, I never thought (circa 2007) beating the Rays in a series would be so sweet. Glad to see the back end of them till August.

That’s the whole point! Closing out a game? Sure. A hold in the 7th inning of a 7-1 blowout? Nope. Striking somebody out in a jam in the 4th when you already put your team in a deficit? No sir. Fist-pumping after blowing a save? No way.

Got it. So it’s no the action, but rather the action’s context. I thought the argument was showing up the other team, sorry. I’m a fairly certain though people took issue with Joba fist pumping in winning situations as well. I mean the guy has to have won or been on the winning side at one time or another. I will try and get the message to Joba: winning fist pump good, losing/down fist pump bad. BTW, who do you think felt more angry about the opposing pitchers antics: the rays who just lost and had a no contact inning, where any contact ties the game OR the Sox who were winning at the time of the fist pump?

Yeah John, some people hate it no matter what; I personally think it’s fine in certain situations, whereas in other situations you just look like a douchebag. I bring up the Papelbon blown-save a lot because I hate that shit.
I think that question is irrelevant because, for me, it’s not about showing up the other pitcher: it’s about looking like a douchebag. If the Yankees are up 3-2 in the 7th, and Joba strikes out a batter with the bases loaded to end the inning, then by all means fist-pump. The Sox weren’t “angry”, they were probably thinking something like “You put your team in a losing situation and you’re fust-pumping? Seriously?”

it’s amazing that we’re having the fist pump discussion again…while i agree ath that it is out of place to fist pump in the situations you described for joba, i hope you don’t think he’s doing it to be an axxhole, or trying to show the other guys up…he’s just showing some enthusiasm…nothing wrong with that…if you can’t agree with that thinking, then to be fair and consistent, you must also believe that papelbon is an axxhole who is showing up the other team…

Yeah I know he’s just showing some emotion, which is something I’m all for: I love Pedroia and Youk for it. However there’s a time and a place for it.

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