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Red Dwarf

Yes, the rumors are true. Nelson de la Rosa, a 36-year-old dwarf from the Dominican Republic, has been adopted by Pedro Martinez as the Red Sox’s “good luck charm.” Says Pedro: “The guys are falling in love with him.” We don’t know exactly where to go with this—talk about a straight line—but we can report that there has been no word from the Bronx on negotiations between Steinbrenner and Verne “Mini Me” Troyer.

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Either Pedro is totally nuts or this is the greatest gag since Andy Kaufman.
Jeter’s good luck charm: supermodel of the day.

I thought Jeter’s good luck charms were the guys at second and third who reduce the ground he would otherwise have to cover.

If Big Stein (actually, to me he’s HUGE) Stein wants my services, he’s going to have to ante up Sheff-type money. 3 years, 12M per, or I’m off to talk to the Mets and the Wilpon boys – they’ve already offered me equity and the opportunity to help Jeff Wilpon sort his baseball card collection.

I’m not going to be jacked up by some third-rate munchkin, Verne. I’ve got Dinklage on the other line right now. So have fun on the Mets—they’ll probably start you at, ahem, short.

The Yanks have offically broken 2 attendance records: road attendance and combined home-road attendance. Of course, they’ve already broken their franchise record by 200,000. To all Yankee fans, in NYC or elsewhere, congrats!

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