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Pettitte-Piniero: Yanks Halos Gamer

Saturday gamer action as AP and JP are on the bump.  Comment away.

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Verbatim quote from one of the Fox broadcasters, replying to a question that asked whether they thought Cano would hit 40 homeruns this year:
“For the Yankees sake, he better not have 40 homeruns. And the reason I say that, is because if he is a guy who’s going up there trying to drive the ball out of the park, swinging for the fences, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble. He’s an RBI guy.”
Homerun hitters do not drive in runs.
Fox, everyone.

Well, Rosenthal did say that the Yankees have four catchers and the Sox don’t have one. ;)
Btw, when do we start talking about Pettitte for the HOF? Go and compare Pettitte and Glavine. I don’t see how they’re so different given the divisions they’ve pitched in.

“…Homerun hitters do not drive in runs….”
fox is awesome…it’s about the ops man…hr’s and rbi’s don’t count

pettite was the beneficiary of all those powerhouse yankee championship teams, while glavine toiled away on the all-pitching, no-hitting braves….silly… ;)

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