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Phil Hughes, Come On Down: Halos-Yanks Gamer II

When the Rays hit Hughes in his first start of the season, they hit him hard, with runs coming on a triple and a long ball. Redemption time on the mound at The Stadium, with C.J. Wilson pitching for the Anaheim. It’s the FOX game of the week, so get your comments on. Unless you live in a blackout area. Blackouts should be criminal.

LA Angels
E. Aybar ss .261
H. Kendrick 2b .208
A. Pujols 1b .222
K. Morales dh .240
T. Hunter rf .320
A. Callaspo 3b .125
V. Wells lf .192
C. Iannetta c .294
P. Bourjos cf .300
C.J. Wilson 1.29
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .355
N. Swisher rf .250
R. Cano 2b .226
A. Rodriguez dh .259
M. Teixeira 1b .179
C. Granderson cf .207
A. Jones lf .286
R. Martin c .222
E. Nunez 3b .500
P. Hughes 3.86

40 replies on “Phil Hughes, Come On Down: Halos-Yanks Gamer II”

Hughes booed off the mound.
3.1 6 runs.
Great start Phil. You suck.
Freddie and Phil gone when Pineda and Pettitte are ready. No doubt.
I’m out now. Fuck this garbage.

I hope I live long enough to hear someone, anyone take over the mics from Suzyn and John Sterling. Carrot-top, Pee-Wee Herman, and Buckwheat would be less grating to listen to.

Yeah ag…i’m depressed about hughes. perhaps I was just watching with pinstriped shades the whole time, but he seemed to show flashes of brilliance often enough to sustain that hope. Bummer.

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