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We’re going to refrain from making predictions on the series at hand, but we’re happy to report on what the quote-unquote experts at ESPN.com have to say. Their 10-man panel breaks down as follows:

Yanks vs Angels
7-3 in favor of the Angels. The good news: Rob Neyer and Alan Schwarz, in our estimation the most reliable scribes, pick the Yanks. John Kerry Flip Flop Award goes to Buster Olney for picking the Angels—this after predicting a 1927-level performance from the Yanks at the beginning of the year. Busted.

BoSox vs. ChiSox
6-4 in favor of the BoSox. Zell Miller Turncoat Award to (Deserving!) Hall of Famer Peter Gammons, for picking Chicago. We’ll go out on a limb and say this: the Sox are gonna win. Bank on it.

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  • you gotta hand it to gammons, he at least sticks by his guns, you gotta figure the white sox with their speed and pitching are gonna be a challenge, fortunately they don’t have any large dominicans with penchants for late inning heroics
    on another topic, i just got my copy of the City of Champions DVD, it’s pretty sick, great stuff of the sox of the past and of the championship last year, plus it hits everything else like the B’s, celts and Pats. if you guys need a pick me up for the fall check it out at http://www.cityofchampionsdvd.com
    and btw, sox in 4

    J October 3, 2005, 4:42 pm
  • Gammons is a “tv journalist” and not a Red Sox fan. Also, the White Sox won 99 games this season, are a good team, and are not going to roll over and die for Boston. That said, I think that this is a good match up for Boston and whats more, so does just about everyone else I’ve read like espn, fox, cnnsi, blogs, bp.com, etc. None of that punditry gaurantees a thing, but sometimes it seems to me as if Gammons goes out of his way to make people think he’s not a Boston homer. You’ll recall he picked the Yankees last season in the ALCS. Again, not a ridiculous pick – the teams were pretty close in record – but the yankees were clearly not the better team before the series or afterwards.

    mattymatty October 4, 2005, 12:01 am
  • I love that Ozzie Guillen is going on about how underrated the White Sox are and comparing them to the ’03 Marlins. Except that, uh, the White Sox are the top seed, and although I don’t expect them to win, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they beat us. The Marlins came out of nowhere, really, and won it as a wild card. How are these teams alike? I don’t get it. You can see a lot about a manager in a pressure situation. And in this pressure situation, I’d take Tito over Ozzie any day.

    Laura October 4, 2005, 6:40 am
  • Pick’em update: Ace prognosticator Buster Olney’s 3 favored teams (Boston, Anaheim, SD) a combined 0-3 last night.

    YF October 5, 2005, 1:57 pm

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