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So we’re all left—Yanks and Sox fans alike—to choose our rooting interests for the League Championship and World Series. Based on the uniforms, it’s an easy decision: Detroit’s classic togs, with the Gothic D on the cap alternately in white (home) and orange (road) are beautiful. The A’s and Cards wear pajamas. The Mets unsightly and ahistorical adoption of black is the subject of a petition, Ditch the Black, started by our pal Paul Lucas, of Uniwatch. Anyway, there’s no way we’re rooting for the Mets, no matter what they’re wearing. We’re not rooting for those National Leaguers from St. Louis either, and the sight of Kenny Rogers dousing a cop with liquour on top of a dugout was enough in itself to turn us off to this Tiger team. That leaves the A’s. If there’s one team for which nothing less than a WS victory is acceptable, besides the Yanks, it’s Oakland. Billy Beane has revolutionized baseball, but the flat-earthers will forever dismiss his accomplishment until he takes home the big prize. The rationalist in us wants to see that happen. So there you have it. Go A’s. Let them deliver heartbreak to the NL.

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  • Hear hear, YF.

    Sam October 10, 2006, 10:36 am
  • Rooting for the Mets here. To me, this post-season would be capped off by Met’s world championship. Is it wrong to wish this much anguish on Yankee fans and their owner? I want the Mets over Detroit in five, and one of the reasons I don’t want the A’s in because I don’t want Zito to have that opportunity to drive up that price any more than he already has (Carlos Beltran-esque).

    Brad October 10, 2006, 10:53 am
  • i’m rooting for the tigers – except when the sox are involved, i always root for the team that bumped off the yanks. detroit’s a great story, a lot of those guys are homegrown, and 22 years later, tigers fans deserve it – they haven’t had anything to cheer for since alan trammel and lou whitaker retired.

    YFinBeantown October 10, 2006, 10:57 am
  • This YF is rooting for the Mets. Sorry :)

    yankeemonkey October 10, 2006, 11:41 am
  • …brad, this’ll shock ya…i’m rooting for the mets too…if i teach you one thing here it’s that all yf’s don’t fit in the same box you keep trying to squeeze us into…i’m a big willie randolph fan from his playing days, i was bummed when the yanks let him get away, and nothing would please me more than to see him soaked in victory champagne…he’s a good man and manager…i do hope zito does well though, because i want his price to be so high that only the yanks can afford him…but, be happy, that’ll give your sox “spin machine” another excuse…better get’em lined up soon, the season starts in a few short months…

    dc October 10, 2006, 11:46 am
  • No way I’m rooting for the Mets. I’m surrounded by Yankee-hating Mets fan at work and after taking their sh1t, there’s no way I’m going to cheer on their team. A’s all the way, baby – let’s go Billy!

    Sam October 10, 2006, 11:54 am
  • i’m at a total loss. i have a soft spot for the mets (especially since they got willie randolph), but since most mets fans are really obnoxious, i don’t want them to win. i like pujols, but can’t stand Tony La Russa. the A’s are really boring. the tiger’s do have cool uniforms, and i like jim leyland, but i don’t like pudge rodriguez, and my intense hatred for kenny rogers has only intensified.
    so i guess the A’s…..

    m.g. yanks fan October 10, 2006, 12:52 pm
  • agree with YF here. Go A’s all the way. I want Mike and the Mad Dog to eat crow.

    Nick-YF October 10, 2006, 1:07 pm
  • I believe Paul’s last named is spelled Lukas.

    Hudson October 10, 2006, 1:46 pm
  • Very tough call here for a Sox fan.
    In the A.L., I’d normally root for the team which beat the Empire. On the other hand, if Oakland beats Detroit, that only deepens New York’s humiliation as it suggests they wouldn’t have gotten past Choaland, either. But I also harbor some dislike of the A’s going back to the 2003 ALDS. And it would be neato if Theo could get Zito at a lower price.
    In the N.L., it’s easier: The more the Mets succeed, the more they steal thunder from Steinbrenner, and ultimately that helps all the other non-Yankee teams. Erode the Spankee fan base and all. Plus, I feel like the Cards had their shot in recent years and can’t get too excited about them.
    So all in all I’d prefer a Tigers vs. Mets duel in the World Series… And I probably couldn’t decide which team to root for until sometime mid-way through Game 1.

    Hudson October 10, 2006, 1:54 pm
  • it might be time to repost the preseason picks thread. i’m still picking the tigers, like i did in april. the important part is that the AL retains the title. quadruple A baseball does not deserve rings.

    sf rod October 10, 2006, 2:08 pm
  • Hey DC – what spin is that? That it’s not worth spending 100 million for a guy that doesn’t show up until July, has problems beating the Yankees or the Sox and comes with Boras to boot?
    Also, why would I be trying to stereotype you? Are you really going to tell me that most Yankee fans want the OTHER NY team to win? That it won’t be a ‘bit painful for the masses watching that parade in downtonw NY for the METS?
    Please. Because you happen to be the odd one in the bunch, don’t try to shoot down the obvious tension that exists between the two teams.

    Brad October 10, 2006, 2:25 pm
  • FWIW – I work very directly with a handful of Yankee fans, unfortunately. In a very short and brief poll, I’ve gathered that they don’t care which team wins, as long as it’s not the Mets. But, most said that they hope that Detroit wins so at least they can say they were beaten by the champs.

    Brad October 10, 2006, 2:30 pm
  • dc: you rooting for the Mets puts you in a tiny minority of YFs, the ones I know would rather take a nude bath with Ron Kittle, Ron Swoboda, and Ron Jeremy.
    No spin needed: you’re a freak! ;-)

    SF October 10, 2006, 2:47 pm
  • brad, come on…you know the “sox spin” and “excuse machine”…you are a disciple…
    …you’re good, you continue to misquote me and twist what i’m saying…theo would be proud…note that i did not say “most” yf fans…i said “all yf’s don’t fit in the same box you keep trying to squeeze us into”…if that makes me “odd”, i wear that badge proudly…it’s true, many yf’s [and george] will find a mets parade as unpalatable as a sox parade, but not me, and i doubt i’m alone…frankly, your posts continue to reveal such a dark hatred for the yankees that you seem obsessed with finding reasons for yf’s to wring their hands and gnash their teeth over what you apparently see as the end of the yankee world as we know it…aka the 2006 season…
    p.s. sf: yep, i’m a freak…but i hope my mets pick is not considered betrayal by my fellow yf’s…then again, i don’t give a damn…after all, i’m an “odd freak”…

    dc October 10, 2006, 9:12 pm

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