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A picture of my lovely daughter Alice, who has embraced her pink Pedroia shirt with a gusto reserved only for EVERY OTHER PINK THING IN OUR HOUSE. She loves pink. And she has a pink Sox shirt thanks to my mom and dad. And therefore, she now loves the Sox. 

Whatever it takes, right!?

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She’s beautiful SF, God bless her.
PS – It’s amazing how they were not only able to make Pedroia’s jersey in Pink, but keep it life size as well. Amazing stuff.

It’s amazing how they were not only able to make Pedroia’s jersey in Pink, but keep it life size as well
Ha, that’s a good one. I can’t say I didn’t expect at least 14 of these jokes in the comments…

My daughter went to the Red Sox/Phillies game Saturday wearing her pink Red Sox hat and pink Red Sox shirt. He boyfriend wore his Phillies cap and shirt. They had a number of people ask, “How’s that working?”

Aww, she’s a cutie. You need to explain to her that pink is a shade of red, so the Sox are the only logical team to support.
“You know who hates the color pink? The Yankees. They HATE pink things, and kittens too.”

so Smoltz is scheduled to pitch Thursday @ Nats – which unfortunately is Lester’s day to pitch and not Dice-K

PS – It’s amazing how they were not only able to make Pedroia’s jersey in Pink, but keep it life size as well. Amazing stuff”
For a second there, I thought that WAS a picture of Pedroia in a pink Sox shirt and tutu.

as usual i’m a day late with this, but what a sweetheart sf…
Not this morning she wasn’t.

Great picture. She’s adorable. I am only shocked to hear that it took her grandmother and grandfather to buy the little cutie her first pink Sox shirt. Where are the parents?!?!?!

Where are the parents?!?!?!
Hey!! We got her a regular shirt earlier which she wasn’t that interested in, and the pink obsession just started about two or three months ago and Grandma and Grandpa came to the rescue quickly.
Also, I am no dictator, so I am not forcing any allegiances on the kids. But I am being cautious. My son seems to be interested in the Mets as we often drive by Citi Field on the way out of the city. We could take the Deegan to go North, but is saving 1/2 hour of driving time really worth giving him some connection to that hellhole in the Bronx?

Just a cautionary tale – I got my son Red Sox gear from when he was tiny. As soon as he figured out how much I love the Sox, he became a Yankees fan. He is almost 9 and it gets worse every year. I used to make him do extra homework in order to wear the endless Yankees shirts my old college roomies sent him but it just made him smarter at math, not at who to root for. I gave up. The only silver lining is that his little brother likes to disagree with him more than with me so he’s a Sox fan.

I figure that no matter what I try, I live in NYC, so the chances are that even if he starts out as a Sox fan when the kids in his school find out there may be a quick shift of allegiances, parent influence be damned. I am trying the subtler approach – he knows I love the Sox, he knows who they are, they are a presence, and we’ll see what happens. I am hedging my bets, I talk more about the Mets than the Yanks, and the first trip will probably be to the Cyclones – I could live with the kids rejecting my team if they took up with the Metropolitans. They are New Yorkers by birth, after all.

Actually you’ve made me realize that I should be looking for yellow Yankees gear. My 2.5-year-old daughter is fanatical about all things yellow. Thanks for the tip. No qualms with domestic dictatorship here.

SF –
I live near San Francisco so my son has absolutely no excuse – other than parental irritation….

Seeing Alice in her pink Red Sox T convinces me that I need to get one for my 17-month old.
And you and I have a lot in common. We went traditional, too, naming her Charlotte Grace. And the cuteness battle between those two would be a brawl. Charlotte is blue-eyes with light brown curly hair.
And she LOVES her daddy.

If we’re going to have a cuteness battle, I’ll also enter Jocelyn Rebecca: 11.5 months, white-blonde hair, blue eyes and equally in love with her daddy. :-)
Though Alice is definitely a cutie.

Sounds like an official YFSF contest: dress your kids in team paraphernalia and submit a photo!

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