Pitchers Today?


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Well, Manny just ruined his HOF credentials.
Tested positive for steroids on a random test. Suspended 50 games.
What is it with these guys not from Boston?

I hate Manny Ramirez so much more now. Maybe it was just a product from GNC that he didn’t know what it was?

Maybe I’m still naive, but this is a bit shocking to me. Wow. And massively disappointing..

Uh-oh. Glad now the Yankees didn’t sign him!
I bet though it’s somehow A-Rod’s fault. Selena Roberts, where are you? Was his name on the 2003 list too?

The details of this are going to be murky, sparse, fascinating, and disappointing.
I guess no point in hoping that he started in the later part of last year?

Does anyone know if any of those ED drugs are on the list? I say it half joking but frankly, “personal issue” makes it sound as such. It can’t be HGH because that owuldn’t be tested for. I really hope Manny wins an appeal.

Just awful news as it sinks in. This disease has infected the entire sport. And yet we were all left to believe it affected only some teams.
The other 103 names, please.

I think the other names are moot anyway. By now, it’s not about who is clean and who is dirty, it’s more like who isn’t caught. Meh.
Still, if someone like Derek Jeter or Bernie or Mo or something.. I think I would stop watching baseball for a little while..

why the hell isnt selena roberts in the kitchen where she belongs….

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