Pitching HOF Candidates, Looking Forward

Retiring consecutively over the last three years are The Rocket, Mad Dog, Big Unit: three of the most dominant pitchers of their generation, and arguably three of the best to ever take the hill. But baseball accolades post-career are more than what happened between the lines. Each are first-ballot locks for the HOF from my perspective, but Roger (certainly) and Randy (sort of) have baggage. Greg’s squeaky-clean, but who would take prime Greg over prime Rocket/Randy? Should each be a first-ballot lock regardless of circumstance? Would you be surprised if they make any of the three wait? Does that matter? If Clemens goes in AFTER Maddux and Johnson, does it mean anything at all?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they make Clemens wait a while. I could even imagine the possibility that he won’t make it at all.
It’s amazing to think that the other two probably won’t be unanimous choices since nobody is ever a unanimous choice. But really, how do you keep them off the ballot? Some guy will talk about Randy’s dickishness. Another will talk about how Maddux wasn’t a great post-season pitcher. I’m guessing that’s how they’ll justify it.

Clemens has no chance of getting in the HOF,
Maddox will get in on the 1st ballot and as much as I hate Johnson he will get in on his 1st try also,
Maddox will challenge Tom Seaver’s record for highest % of the vote.

Well, he had that one time where he was mean to a guy, and looked scary, and wasn’t a good clubhouse presence, and pushed a cameraman.
My god, why do we have baseball writers vote for the hall of fame? How incredibly arbitrary.
It should be done by a committee of former major league players and coaches. And they can be voted in and out of the committee by the current population of active major league coaches and players. No, it’s not much better, but by god is it better than what we have now.

None of the three should get more votes than Johnson in my view thanks to his gawdy career stats and where they place him all-time among lefty pitchers and pitchers generally. Maddux should get the same or slightly less consideration (accounting for post-season performance differential between the two and impressions of “dominance” which power pitchers will always have over finesse guys) and Clemens should be held up at least for a few rounds.
This is what I think should happen anyway. If Maddux gets more consideration than randy because he is a nicer guy, that would be really pretty silly.

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