Play Ball: The Last Word on NY’s New Ballparks

I’ve written a good deal about New York’s two new ballparks in various publications and on the web over the last few years, but this new piece, from the July issue of Metropolis magazine, is my last word on the subject, and—I humbly submit—the most comprehensive look anywhere at the stadium game as it has played out here in New York. But I leave that for you to judge. Please do read it; I will not recapitulate the arguments here, but will say that I believe that the two new ballparks, and others of their ilk, reflect a fundamental shift in the way we watch and think about professional baseball.
Magazine stories don’t typically warrant acknowledgments, but in this case there are a few individuals I’d like to thank for their participation in this story, directly and otherwise. Editor Martin Pedersen, fellow Yankee agoniste, commissioned and shaped it. Criswell Lappin designed it. (It looks phenomenal; buy the magazine, it needs your support.) The amazing photographs are by Sean Hemmerle. Jay Jaffe and Ivan Drucker were my intrepid co-explorers. For their time and thoughts, I thank Jim Bouton, Neil DeMause, Alex Belth, Greg Prince, Ben Barnert, Cliff Corcoran, Susan Carroll, John Thorn, Andrew Bernheimer, and the YFSF community.

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Obviously small sample size, but the HR rate has been down the last few days. Let’s hope it continues as the hitting holds up.
Is this the gamer? ARod singles in a run, Yanks up 1-0 bottom of first.

Nice frieze frame snap!
Also nice to see that one James Alan Bouton is still ticking over, since his book is why I’m a fan (not NYY, of course, but MLB).
As a 3-4x per year Fenway fan, the bit about good seating and sightlines makes me more, not less likely to visit someday.
Interesting and honest piece
……….as the Yanks blow their sweep game apart in the 1st.
You guys missed all of B’mores best pitchers! ……….(runs away)

Yes, fantastic read.
I would very much like to read a sampling of articles written at the time of the opening of (old) Yankee Stadium as well as those written circa renovation.

Kind of unrelated, but ya. One thing that annoyed me greatly this year is that everytime a Yank pitcher strikes out someone, it plays that tune. It annoys the crap out of me. Is it just me?

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