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Play Nice: O’s-Yankes / Rays-Sox AL East Megagamer

A big pitching duel (Lester vs. Price) on one side. Not so much (Tillman vs. Burnett) on the other. None of the starters is named Daisuke Matsuzaka, which means both games hold promise of being enjoyable for the fans of their respective teams. Comment away!

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That was one of the worst non-strike calls I have ever seen. Not even a question, it was six inches above the bottom part of the zone and right down the middle.

Should this run score it is squarely on the utterly incompetent umpire.
Not only that, but he’s now cost Lester at least five or six pitches, potentially more, in this inning.
If I am Tito I would be looking for the next opportunity to go after this guy and try to light a fire under this team. Next borderline call I go out there and basically atomic wedgie this clown.

I’m a big fan of the coach going ape-shit when the team is sucking. Put a fire under them.
7 extra pitches because of that no-call. That’s potentially the difference between 6 and 7 IP from our ace.

Hopefully Fuld running into the wall knocked the rest of his surprisingly good play out of that ass he’s been pulling it from.

I did a little Paul-esque research today and found out the Sox have only had two starts as bad as this year, in 1996 and I think nearly 60 years ago. Needless to say I stopped my research there as I started to get really depressed.

And the umpire gives Lester a called strike 3, which was a strike but not as good as several others that he hasn’t called.
Lester’s stuff looks sick tonight. Lots of swings-and-misses.

I like Lowrie a lot more than I like Scutaro, to be honest. I didn’t like it when we signed him a year ago.
Fuld steals 2nd. Not necessarily Tek’s fault (Fuld has good speed) but boy is there a noticeable difference between his and Salty’s arm.

Damon in a classic “grinding” AB. I secretly miss him.
Great out picth by Lester. Keep it going, big fella.
Is Darnell McDonald that much better than, say, Daniel Nava??

First a lucky single that would have been an out had Scutaro been in the normal position, then a bloop hit, then a legitimate hit. Bases loaded now. Time for more of those Ks.

It is time for those who assert this is just a bad spell and everything is going to be ok that it is GOING TO TAKE A LONG TIME FOR THINGS TO BE OK.
The Sox can basically play above .500 for almost TWO MONTHS starting tomorrow and it will take until JUNE for them to get BACK to .500.
What a travesty of a season.

Ehh, the “rally” by the Rays in the last inning was the product of a lot of luck. And the offense struggling against one of the best pitchers in the AL isn’t indicative of their overall skill.
Having said that, I agree with your overall point.

That’s fucking terrible luck, and it has been like that all night – line drive after line drive right at guys, and squibbers back at us costing the Sox runs. Fuck this fucking shit.
And it’s my site so I can swear all the fuck I want, and Sox fans are fucking welcome to swear as much as they fucking want too.

Yet another hard-hit ball right at Lopez. But at least we got one back. Price giving the umpire a piece of his mind, which is justifiable since the strikezone is all over the place.

F-in Cameron. Worthless. See Renteria. Worst Theo moves:
(in no particular order)
1. Signing Drew/Cameron/Scutaro
2. Letting Orlando Cabrera go, only to sign Renteria
3. Not signing a decent catcher this offseason

Team can’t catch a break. Listening on the radio, it sounded like Lester was easily outpitching Price, yet he’s on the short end of a 3-2 score. Need a ninth-inning rally.

I also disagree completely with the Drew comment. Theo got his money’s worth from that deal, one of the game’s best all-around outfielders for the majority of the contract.
If we’re talking mistakes, signing Mike Cameron on a two-year deal isn’t/wasn’t nearly as damaging as giving up on Renteria, signing Lugo or re-signing Lowell.

I mean, the Sox hit the ball hard all night, Jon Lester was amazing, and he gets blooped and bled to death while Price emerges with the win. Aggravating. Nothing’s going right, even when everyone does the right things.

According to Fangraphs, Drew has been worth $57.1M over the last four seasons. He’s made $56M.
A crappy year could turn that contract negative, and that’s likely. But he’s been worth every penny so far.

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